a plan for building online bank roll?

Crush4602Crush4602 Red Chipper Posts: 29 ✭✭
Forgive me if this has already been discussed somewhere. Feel free to point me in that direction if so. I have been playing mostly live poker. I live in Florida but I seem to be able to play online at ACR (although I haven't yet tried to cash anything out). If I wanted to start playing micros I'm wondering what would be a good, solid plan of action to move my way through the stakes. In other words if I want to start with say $100 deposit, where should I start? >05/.10? How many buy ins should I have? What should be my goals for each session? Should I play for 3 hours or stop when I double up ? Should I be thinking in terms of bb's per session?

Just looking for a solid plan to start playing from home more outside of playing live tournaments twice a week as I have been. I've read the course, i have the MTT crash course as well as the gripsed mtt bundle and @Doug Hull range infographic. I'm willing to purchase pokertracker as well. Thanks for any advice.


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