Hand #5

BlayoBlayo Red Chipper Posts: 46
Hello again everyone, I know you've all been pining for another one of these reviews so here it is.

UTG (Nit) limps and main villain (Who's rebought for 3rd time recently) overlimps and we raise to isolate said player. We're in MP2, so still EP according to Ed Miller (Course), and we decide to open slightly wider than we normally would in this position. CO is a TAG and BTN is a LAG but we can't let him dictate our game (We are the captain). We open 17% equating to 44-AA, 67s^, Q10s^, A10o^, KJo^, all AXs. This is 226 combos in total.

Flop births :8d: :5c: :3d:

Mr.spewy Leads/donks for 1/2 pot or $40. We elect to just call.

Now when I was breaking this down my first reaction is that we were going to raise with all overpairs here. It's a pretty connected board, lots of flush and straight possibilities so we'd want to charge those draws. Sets we might just call, but if this opponent is peeling wide then we definitely want to charge him. Not sure we can actually get all three streets with big hands.

Either way, now that I think about it, post face-value, maybe we should flat a wider range of hands here. But the hands that we elect to just flat here are: Sets, TP, FD, OESD, and ATo^ with a diamond. (I weighted all the AXs down to 25% so it wouldn't count all 4 combos of each. this way it would only count 1 combo {the diamonds}. Not sure if this is the proper way to do this, tips would be welcomed as always). Combos come out to be 48.

Turn is :6s:

He checks and we check back. This narrows our range down a WHOLE bunch. Not from his perspective but from ours. There isn't much I'm going to check back here. Like...at all. The only thing we're checking back here is 78s, 89s. (6 combos)

Our first thought is to be betting sets, overpairs, FDs, and even A8s for value, and slightly for protection. A lot of bad rivers can roll off that can kill our action or even scare us.

River doth yield :Ah:

Villain bets almost pot for $150. We call. As played from here we only have 89s, and 78s left. (6 combos) I guess since he's spewy we have to call here. I'd look for some sort of read, I'd talk to him a alot before making this decision. I'm a very talkative player and can usually extract SOME sort of info in this spot. I suppose it might be bad info since we're looking so hard for something.

But if he didn't give us anything I guess we have to call here. I weighted it 50 for each hand so 3-6 combos in total. it feels like it MAY be a light call. I don't know if I'd be able to pull the trigger on a call here with 89 or 78. Top pair no kicker.

These exercises are designed to put us in spots we might not normally be in. They force us to take a step back and examine different lines. Personally I'd be betting a lot of hands on the turn. I know by checking we can get him to induce and I think that's the point against a spewy player. a line that really isn't in my arsenal. When I have a big hand I feel entitled and want to get paid now.

Would love to here some alternate lines on this one. As always, thanks for taking the time to read this and all feedback in welcome. Take care.


  • tfaziotfazio Red Chipper Posts: 819 ✭✭✭
    Hey @Blayo we have a hand reading workbook study group if your interested msg @Acesalad 9 pm thurs nights
  • BlayoBlayo Red Chipper Posts: 46
    @tfazio Definitely interested, I'll send them a message and get the deets
  • zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
    I'll take a stab at this without pulling up pokercruncher or working out proper street by street range reduction.

    On the flop, I will raise sets, FDs, and OESDs. I'll call TP and OP and some big overs. I'd have to sit down and actually work out the numbers, but if I'm doing this at the table, I think that's my flop range.

    Turn I'll again bet the same value hands I bet previously (sets and nutty FDs), but I will now probably be checking my SD and the lower FDs. I'll check TPs and OPs and everything else.

    River I'm raising my sets and I would balance with some of the shittier FD raises. I'll bluffcatch with any A and OPs and then fold everything else.

    Again I'm not doing the numbers as I would if I ran hand a proper analysis but I think those ranges put me in the ballpark.

  • BlayoBlayo Red Chipper Posts: 46
    @zampana1970 I'd have to agree with everything you said. I'm not checking OPs and sets and nutty FDs on the turn. But since the worksheet tells us we checked back on the turn, we have to narrow our range to the hands we'd do that with. But since we're betting our "value" hands we're not left with much on the river. I assume that's the point of the exercise but I'm not 100%. I think we have to call with out TPs on the river because we played our hand so passively so this opponent probably feels there is room to steal this pot from us. He'd most certainly bet his better hands on the turn considering how connected the board is.
  • zampana1970zampana1970 Red Chipper Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
    @Blayo Ah ok this is from the workbook, thus the category the post is linked to!

    I did a few pages of the workbook and found it helpful to play through the hand in my own way and construct my ranges independent of the actions the workbook outlined. Then I'd go back and answer the questions and deviate, but only once I had a good handle on how I thought I'd play the hand.

    So yeah I agree that I think you're bluffcatching on the river with non-A hands, unless your read say villain gets there with A a lot and rarely bluffs.
  • BlayoBlayo Red Chipper Posts: 46
    @zampana1970 That's a good idea, I'll give that I try on the next one, thanks. Sometime villain will get to the river and show up with an Ace but I don't think it's guaranteed he'll have one. We don't have indication of that, only that he's super spewy. It's also a pot-sized bet on the river, depending on previous value bets from him I'm not sure he'd bet a rivered top pair like that. Again, this is all speculation since all we have to go off is a few blurbs from a worksheet. Appreciate the responses.

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