The River has Four to a Straight; Do I Call?

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This situation comes up every now and then. The River makes four to a straight and I don't have a straight, but I have a decent hand, like a set, two pair, or top pair. My opponent makes a normal-sized bet. Do I call? Do I raise? Do I fold? I realize every situation is different, but I thought we could discuss some general principles.

This situation came up for me the other day, playing online on Bovada (.02/5). My hand was :A? :K? . The final board was :A? :J? :2? :K? :T?, no possible flush. On the River I checked, and my opponent bet about 1/2 pot, all-in. Ed, in his video, talked about not paying off on the River. But is top two a hand to fold here?

Would my opponent bet with smaller two pairs, or maybe top pair, or air? Top pair would have to be :A? :9? or worse. Would the villain even have that hand here?

I realize a lot of this is opponent-dependent, stakes-dependent and in general situation-dependent, on the other hand I thought it was worth opening a discussion about it. We can think of it as an extension of Ed's video; a more specific case of calling or folding on the River. Thanks.

-Scott V.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,039 -
    If you operate under the assumption that players don't bluff often enough at these limits, and they wouldn't bet worse 2pr on such a texture...folding is fine.

    That being said, I'd be very interested to hear about the line leading up the river because that's likely much more important than the exact river in a vacuum =)
  • DrTriciaDrTricia RCP Coach Posts: 190 ✭✭
    What was the action on all of the streets? Was it such that it is probable that he had straight draws in his range?


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