1/2 HUNL

Brandon MBrandon M Red Chipper Posts: 3
I have no info about the player other than that he has been 5xing my $5 opens which may make him a bit more aggro. We have only played 30 hands and the only notable hand he stacked off and called a 3bet on turn on Qh4h5x3h with A2o with the ace of hearts when we had the king high flush which seems standard.
We are playing hu 1/2 on betcoin. He is the effective stack with 235, he opens the button to 6, we call with KdTc. Flop KcQd7c, we check and he bets 22 into a pot of 12. Turn 2d puts a Backdoor flush draw, we check and he bets 76 into a pot of 56 leaving 132 behind. River 8d brings a backdoor flush draw in. We check and he shoves 132 into 208. We call and he shows (SPOILER:T4o)

So for value hands he has KK which we block, QQ, 77 and KQ, also would he go 3streets with all sets for value? I think he probably would. For bluffs I think he has JT diamonds(we block JT of clubs) AJ clubs? Should we be folding when we have the ten of clubs and calling when we don't block the ten of clubs or is the calldown fine?

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