50NL - 44 rivers straight

cxy123cxy123 Red Chipper Posts: 81 ✭✭
Flame away.

Hero - Playing probably somewhat distracted and that tends to lead bad decisions were I will call not realizing I just called a 3b preflop b/c I thought I was just calling a 2bb open. My guess is my image is a bit of a station / weak-tight. Hero lost 60bb buy-in on JT9 board where hero flopped JT and V had KQ. Hero led flop. Hero led/called a shove on turn. $51 stack.

V - Seems decent. I dont have a HUD and not sure on stats. $152 stack.

Playing most 3-4-5 handed. This was 4 handed.

UTG - Hero ($51) :4s :4d opens to $1.5
BTN - Folds
SB - Calls
BB - V ($152) 3 bets to $6
UTG - Hero calls.
SB - Folds

Flop $13.50 heads up
:Ac :3h :5s
V - Bets $6.75
H - Calls

Turn $27
:Ac :3h :5s ... :9c
V - Checks
Hero - Checks

River $27
:Ac :3h :5s :9c .... :2c
V - Bets $27
Hero - Shoves

I feel I played this too passively. I am not worried about the SB when I call the flop and if anyting I think it is giving me some set-mining odds. On the flop, am I am c/r this? What am I am saying. And do I bet the turn?


  • Brandon MBrandon M Red Chipper Posts: 3
    How did you play too passively? I question this. In my opinion as played is fine but I wouldn't even shove the river, just call because when you shove the only hand worse that can are sets or maybe A9 which at that point are bluff catchers. I think more often than not when he calls you're going to see flushes. No reason to show any aggression before the river we have worse than middle pair with a gutter.

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