Long Long time lurker and about to dig into the pockets for RED CHIP PRO membership

weee3eeeweee3eee Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
Hi guys, I have finally decided after a total of 7 years playing poker and mainly playing MTT's to hit up the cash grind. I decided that RedChip Poker is the best spot for me. I hope to really dig into cash games. I am really excited to get my post flop skills cbetting, range building, 3bet and how to play the 1 2 Live cash games and beat it up.

I have loved MTT's for 7 years but i realize there was not a good balance in my life playing them. I really want to take a break from MTT's all together for awhile and really put in some work and effort in cash now as I did with MTT's. I feel that it would only make me a better player and options are great. It would be so cool if I can play cash AND MTT's and be a winning in both. The only way to do this is really start to take a break with MTT's and focus on Cash for there are apples and oranges different in the variant of poker. I now begin to think that Cash games is THE foundation of MTT's.

I hope to gain many insights in the forums here. I hope that eventually I can give what I take from here and hopefully share nuggets. I mainly play on BlackChipPoker, AmericasCardRoom, and Carbon. For now, i will start in 10nl and shots in 25nl and play once or twice a week in my $1 #2 live game at Jacks Casino Cincinnati.


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