fish returing to hook some sharks

barry ybarry y Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
Hey guys I have returned to poker to take it serious in the last 2 months. So back in 2007/09 I was a complete fish/noob and donked off more than id care to admit but 4 figures for sure. I was quite young with lots of money and read lots of books at the time by gus hanson ,negreanu and Harrington ,thought I knew it all, quit the game due to losing vast amounts ,be it donking or tilting . looking back now I see my errors and now hoping with better br management and tilt awareness/control I can really make a go of it.
I Ive been studying up books vids podcasts and hoping for a study group right now , I mainly play $5 to$50 mtts depending on time constaints(3 month old newborn on toe). I min cash small frequently but no final table yet as players seem to adjust well to me late on and I find it hard to counter adjust.
Any of you guys in similar situations or played through my current climate wanna group up ?


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