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I've been playing in a local PLO game for the last month. I play poker on Saturdays so I have 4 sessions in this game. Very small sample size. I've been running good and up in this game.

The stakes are 1/2 with $5 bring in. Also, if the table decides on it a $25max button straddle.

I used to play a ton of PLO online, but just stuck with live NLHE when that was no longer available. So, now I'm interested in PLO again.

My strategy is simple. I rarely like to get deep stacks in pre-flop, so hope to see a flop, make a hand and bet it. My range contains absolutely no bluffs. Very nitty style like Jeff Hwang suggests in his first book.

I understand to get better, you need to play more aggressive. I've been reading "Mastering PLO: The Modern Aggressive Approach." Okotowitz & Tashner. Maybe I'll get some ideas.

So is there any interest in discussing some PLO?


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    I find nine handed PLO games to be dreadful cooler lotteries, but shorthanded to be great poker. So I've given up regularly playing it at the casino and focus on private games. If your studies contradict me and have found novel strategies for beating full ring games, I'd be interested.

    Ed Miller on a podcast said he wasn't too interested in pursuing PLO, so I'm not sure how much traction you'll get here.
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    I love PLO. But I have never played it live as it isn't offered anywhere from here til Vegas. It is the best poker game for reading people and playing real betting raising folding poker. It's just so damn expensive lol

    When I played online I played the same kind of strategy ... tight, but cooler lotteries. Unless you flop the nutnuts there are no guarantees in PLO. I liken it to betting roulette after the ball has dropped :)
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    I think there are certain adjustments you have to make for full ring games. I play extremely tight from up front. Yeah there are a lot of coolers in this game. There are things you can do to cut down on the variance, but the table may view you as a nit. Flopping top set on a wet board, I may check or call to see what the turn is. I actually hate set mining in this game. I'd rather have straights, flushes, or combo draws.

    This could lead me to be exploited by decent players. The game I'm playing in is a mixture of very loose to TAG players, so I haven't had to worry about it yet. It's mostly gamblers that make for a very good game.

    I'll share some hands a bit later.
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    sp1ke36 wrote:
    I'll share some hands a bit later.

    Please do =)
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    I too have been bitten by the PLO bug. I wish I had more money to play as the game is great but can be expensive. I have some random thoughts I'd like to share.

    I live and play in the Chicagoland area. PLO has been gaining steam increasingly over the last couple years. My observation is that many people aren't very good. They are convinced the game is all luck or just Hold'em on steroids. I don't think many of them realize that the game is different from Hold'em and therefore requires a different strategy. I'm not claiming to know the strategy, but rather I believe one exists. Because of this I would love to be able to get ahead of the curve on this and learn the game before others.

    Jeff Hwang is the PLO man in my opinion. I love his books - especially his first 2. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in PLO.

    I also bought 'Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha.' With all due respect to the authors, I'm sure they are amazing PLO players, I didn't really like the book. I found it to be too vague.

    I'm hoping RedChip gets a solid PLO guy on board for some videos. Anyone have Jeff Hwang's number???
  • sp1ke36sp1ke36 Red Chipper Posts: 46 ✭✭
    For those with bankroll issues, I would stick to playing short. Buy-in for the minimum and maybe have 3 to 4 bullets and if you go broke call it quits.
    In the 1/2 game I've been playing in the min is $200. I buy in for $300. You can buy-in up to the biggest stack at the table. No Thanks!!!

    Playing short is a lot easier than playing deep. So if you're a little scared of playing with a bunch of big stacks at the table and the game is crazy loose; playing short is the way to go.

    Some don't like the approach, they say it takes the skill out of the game. It may rub some players the wrong way. Don't let that deter you it's your money play the strategy you feel most comfortable with.

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