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Hello! My name is Dan. I am 27 years old. I live in Ohio, and I work as a Network Engineer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

I've been "playing" tournament NL hold'em off and on for about 12 years (Started by playing weekly with family at age 15). The first ~5 years of which were me playing my cards, and that's it. No bluffs, no strategy. If I had the best hand - I won. If I didn't - I lost. Then about 7-8 years ago I started to look slightly deeper into the game. Learned about pot odds, implied odds, and heard the term equity. I never understood full what that meant, but I started basing a lot of my decisions on pot odds. I have recently become a single man, so I now have a lot of extra time outside of my full time job. I want to dedicate a large portion of that time to Poker. It wasn't until the last month or so when I decided to REALLY get back into poker and really try to build on what I've learned in the past. I quickly realized, the game has changed incredibly. The strategy, the study, and the math. In the past (to me), "Equity" was "top level" stuff. So here I am, attempting to learn all this stuff that I've never even heard of. I have hopes that between the podcast and the forum (and what you guys recommend), I can get "up to speed" with all of the fundamentals. Then from there, I'm willing to spend money on courses, software, etc to really start to get an edge.

Once I reach that point, I think I want to continue to play tournament poker. However, my last couple cash game outings have been profitable (likely not due to smart play, but just my aggression). So I'm open to the idea of the cash games. The long-term goal is to, eventually be able to take this on as a full time professional. The short-term goal is to have a profitable hobby to enjoy on the evenings and weekends.

I've been listening to the podcasts from the beginning. Everyone on the podcast (especially James) has been awesome to listen to, and really helpful. But I still struggle with figure out where to start in my learning process. I tend to be a person that learns much better if I have kind of a linear structure. I.E. - either a video series that is listed in order, or if I was provided some sort of diagram that says "learn X concept/math first, then learn Y concept, then start learning Z etc. Then at that point I could find various videos, and create my own playlist with them.

Wow. This intro turned into a novel! I apologize for that. Anyways, I look forward to being a part of the community and growing. Hopefully as I grow and learn, I can help others do the same. If you have any tips to give to a player in my position, please share!

Thank you all, and may you all have plenty of run good!


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