Parx Big Stax 300

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This HH is from the Parx Big Stax blog.

"Jason Mongillo just dragged the largest pot on Day 1A so far. He started the action by opening to 12k and was called by Greg Fishberg on the button. They saw a flop of K♦J♥5♥ and after a continuation bet of 40k from Mongillo, Fishberg jammed his entire stack of just under 225k. Mongillo made the call having Fishberg barely covered, Mongillo also had Fishberg in horrible shape.

Mongillo K♥10♦ vs Fishberg J♣10♣ Pot: ~455k

The board ran out clean for Mongillo and he takes the pot and the chip-lead with just under an hour to play in Day 1A."

So here is my question?

We don't know the leveling going on between this two players, its just one HH posted on a poker blog.

When Fishberg rips allin for 225K, he makes a very ambitious play for this pot. What is he repping here that Mongillo makes the call?

Does this smell like a drawing hand? Maybe KQ? Is this an easy call?

Does Fishberg applying the heat, think he has enough Fold Equity to make Mongillo to fold?



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