When trying different lines doesn't work out

Adamsignup@mac.com[email protected] Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
I'm a newbie to the forum and to poker in general and wondered if I could get some advice for a specific game.

Haven't played much (other than table games as a kid) but was recently invited to play at a friends home so have invested some time off-table learning about poker. Realised very quickly I knew nothing (consciously incompetent!) so have spent the last few months watching vids (love SplitSuits' way of thinking - really appeals to me), listening to podcasts and playing micro 1c/2c online.

So I now know what ABC poker is, can take a reasonable line through a hand, and understand the need to look for spots to deviate away from GTO/Tag play to maximise EV. But it's not helping the specific live game I'm playing.

Admittedly it's an odd format and I think that's what's challenging me. It's set up short stacked, with buy-in of 250chips and 5/10 blinds initially. It's played tournament winner-take-all with 2 rebuy-ins allowed and blinds doubling every orbit after the first hour or so of play. Essentially becomes a heads-up coinflip at the end (which I'm ok with)

There are two other players who know a bit about poker but are generally weak passive and the rest are idiot fish with one absolute maniac. Hands are 99% of the time limped around by everyone with terrible bet sizing on flops and turns. Rivers usually go 2 or 3 way and can be won by almost anything. The maniac cannot ever not be involved in the hand and hates the idea of being bluffed off a pot.

I have tried:
value injected play - very tight initially then loosening up as blinds get bigger (worked the best I think, unsurprisingly, but difficult to wait for value hands in this tournament style play)

Bombing over limpers (they will call anything apparently)

Limping behind with cusp hands then raising either as bluff or for value depending on flops

Anyway, my question is - is this just an oddly set-up marshmallow pit (to quote SplitSuit) that is going to play weird regardless of what plays I try to make and will end up coin flipping regardless, or is this a game that I can keep trying to adjust to to optimise my play and win by being better at poker than everyone else?

Advice appreciated! Thanks

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  • Adamsignup@mac.com[email protected] Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Thanks Red. That should be the best way to get to heads-up situation. What to do then? Range will naturally have to widen with blind rises - am I just to cross fingers and hope the coin flip hits me for a change? (Been to heads up 3 out of 7 times but lost them all!!)

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