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Fausto Valdez Coaching

As many of you know in the RCP community I have been in the transition from going part time to a full time poker player and that day has come. In the beginning I started with @SplitSuit who then introduced me to the highly respected @Christian Soto . Since then Soto and I have worked for over 3 years and within that time span I have had many ups and downs to the point of going broke to making a comeback and being able to pay for my car and more within the levels of 1/2 and 2/5. The transition was tough in the beginning and since then I have built a strong mental fortitude and complete holistic strategy that I could now share through coaching.

For me coaching was the best thing I could have ever done for my game. Not only did my game accelerated immensely, it allowed me to think on my own. This was possible as somebody experienced was able to pinpoint my flaws and way of thinking and quickly corrected it. With guidance and new right sense of direction, I was able to feel much more comfortable and equipped to tackle anybody that sat at my table. My confidence grew and so did my bank roll.

Benefits of working with me
  • Somebody that is beating the same stakes as you (1/2 and 2/5)
  • Mental and Technical strategy to make you a more rounded player
  • Structured curriculum that we will work through
  • We will address your strengths and weakness right from the beginning
  • Framework for easier decisions
  • We will eliminate all the confusion caused by today's abundance of information
  • Google drive folder to back track notes via sessions
  • Subfolder via Google drive to upload hand histories that I will respond to
  • Somebody who’s attended the solve for why academy with high stakes player @Matt Berkey
  • Individual attention needed to address problems or confusion

  • Sessions are set for 1 hour but will extend to address concerns
  • 150/ HR or 600 for 5 sessions (you essentially get the 5th session free)

If you would like to hear more of my story the podcast is available here

I will have a cap on students I’ll take at a time so please contact me via email [email protected] for any inquiries or questions



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