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Hi there,

New round here. I have a couple of questions for the community and would be grateful if anyone could provide an answer.

Been playing poker on and off for about 8 years. Never seriously, always as a recreational player having fun and making money where possible.

Recently , I have decided to take poker a little more seriously. The reason for this is because I really enjoy playing the game! The mental battle, the fun of playing the game and the possibility to make a bit of money.
I have a full time job so can only really play a small amount per week. Probably in the range of 12 - 20 hours (live).

I made this decision last month to play poker again after a long break from the felt, due to starting a new job, and normal life stuff. I have been playing 1/1 NLH (a bit of a rake trap - but still very beatable imo) , 1/2 NLH and 1/2 PLO.

My main question I am getting at is if I want to take the game more seriously, how many buy-ins should I have in my poker bankroll (it is separate to my liferoll).
Since being back , I have downloaded an app to track my winnings. I want to play 1/1 NLH for a little while to get back into the swing of things (max buy in 200 - rake 10% 5 cap).

My results so far have been:
Sessions: 4
Hours: 31
Profit: £828
£/hr: 27

Obviously, this is a very small sample so can be taken with a pinch of salt, but I would consider myself a winning player overall.

Sorry for the longs post, but now time for the questions haha.

So if playing 1/1 NLH atm, roughly what should my roll look like before I move up to 1/2?
Should I move up to 1/2 when I have enough for 100bb (£200) buyins or wait till I have a comfortable amount for 200bb (£400)?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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    Welcome. There is plenty of discussion on the site regarding bankroll. Check out the tags on the right hand side of the page. Having said that, with an income stream from a job, do not worry about a 'bankroll" and how many buy ins you need. Establish a budget for your recreational hobby and go from there. RCP recently did a podcast on this subject. You may want to check that out.

    Also, tracking your progress through an app or a spreadsheet is a good idea. Just don't get caught up in wins/losses until you have a significant number of live hours. By significant, I mean at least 500 hours as a base.

    Focus on the reasons you're taking the game more seriously and the concepts which will help you improve.

    Good luck!!
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