Hello from England!

Adamsignup@mac.com[email protected] Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
Hi RedChippers

Am new to the forum and poker in general. Past experience some kitchen table games as a kid but a friend invited me to his home game last year and I thought I'd better learn a bit about how to play. Now totally hooked and realise how much I have to learn!!

Not a total fish any more, and working on my ranges,creating good lines and not playing just the two cards in front of me. Main problem is not getting enough time to play (doctor in the UK, so pretty busy and v little free time!). One 'winner-takes-all' home game (tournament style) once a month and occasional evenings online at micro stakes (not doing too badly - positive win rate but only about 800 hands!)

Loving the podcasts and forum discussions. Keep it up!


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