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Let's be honest...there are a million poker forums out there. But they all suffer from the same thing: jerks. Our goal is to keep our forum friendly, supportive, and top-notch when it comes to both strategy and etiquette.

To keep this forum running smoothly, here are the simple rules to follow:

:spade Be kind. If nothing else, just be nice.

:diamond Be respectful. We all have different backgrounds, opinions, skill sets, etc. Respect your fellow poker player, and in turn they will respect you.

:club Be adults. We are all adults, so let's not fight like children or talk like teenagers.

:heart Be awesome!

We are going to run this forum with pretty much a two-strike policy. First strike is a warning, second is a ban. We don't anticipate having to ban anyone, we just want the rules to be visible so everyone is on the same page.


Red Chip Poker reserves the right to delete, modify, and change any post. Please read and follow our terms of service and privacy policy as well.
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