Playing against a floater

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Background: I seem to give up a lot of hands on the turn when I'm the aggressor but end up out of position. I'm not sure if that's good or bad (seems to work against bad calling stations), but I've definitely noticed that if I get an observant villain to my left they'll call a lot of my raises preflop and float flops. I know this raises a lot of macro issues which I'll probably ask about separately when I get my head around it a little more, but it seems that a a healthy c/r range is part of the solution. On to the hand...

2/4 NL live. I have $450, main villain covers, BB is short-stacked, about $150.

Folds to me, I open in MP to $20 with 99. Get called by the next seat (the aforementioned observant caller/floater) and the BB. I think floater does this with something like 22-TT, most SC and suited one gappers, lots of broadway stuff.

Flop: Qh9h6c. BB checks, I bet $40, floater floats, BB folds.

Turn: 4s. I bet $100.

I bet because I wanted to charge the draws and thought there were a lot of Q's he'd pay me with. But in hindsight I think he'd bet all his good draws and made hands if I check. Plus, if I'm not going to c/r here, I pretty much have no c/r range, right? Which is exactly the leak he saw in the first place.

Am I on the right track?


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