NL5 SH: Bluffshoving a flop c/r in 4bet pot

Michael WMichael W Red Chipper Posts: 135 ✭✭
villain is a 29/22, 3bet 9 (~450 hands). i saw him 3betting JJ+, AJo+ as well as stuff like 75s.
he is one of those guys who doesnt seem to know why he is 3betting and how to react to 4bets. he also doesnt seem to adjust his restealing/def-calling ranges based on opponent from what i have seen when reviewing his hands he played against other guys.
i 4bet him 3 times before ip and he always folded, thats why i sized my 4bet just a little bit more than a minraise (did 2.5x his raise before) to see if i can get him to fold with this size too.

i know he calls 4bets oop for ~100BB with stuff like JJ/QQ, AQ (thats what i have seen from him). his stack-off range pre is only KK+/AK. his blind-calling range vs steal contains stuff like A6o, Q9s, KTo, 44

so i 4bet cuz i think it shows immediate profit.

in general i think calling a 4bet with ~100BB stacks is just awfull. he seems one of those guys who mindless 3bet middle range (or at least what he thinks is middle range hands) without a plan how to react to a 4bet. its like "oh shit, he 4bets, but my hand is so pretty i dont want to fold but i dont want to shove my JJ/QQ/AQ here either".
so my perceived range here is very strong and he seems to call in the hopes to get a lucky flop.

so here is the hand:

Poker Stars $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players - View hand 3075317
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SB: $11.31
BB: $5.02
UTG: $6.58
MP: $5.00
Hero (CO): $5.69
BTN: $5.33

Pre Flop: ($0.07) Hero is CO with Aheart.gif 9heart.gif
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.15, 1 fold, SB raises to $0.50, 1 fold, Hero raises to $1.10, SB calls $0.60

Flop: ($2.25) Kclub.gif 5spade.gif 6heart.gif(2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $1.08, SB raises to $2.45, Hero raises to $4.59 all in, SB folds

i obviously like the flop cuz its dry and there is a K and i know he doesnt have KK+, he doesnt have AK. so i cbet roughly half pot and expect stuff like AQ/AJ to fold and get called by JJ/QQ once and i planned to jam almost any turn.

and then he c/r me which doesnt make sense at all cuz he can´t be strong here. why would he c/r 55 or 66 on this board? if i had AA/AK/KK money will go in anyways on the turn and there really arent many turn cards he has to worry about.
also if he has KQ/KJ here, why would he raise? he folds out most hands he has beat and only stacks-off when he is toast.
so i decided to jam and he folds obv.
i took a note that he has no idea what he is repping when bluffing.

while i think i played this hand fine, i am a beginner, so chances are i didnt.

so if you think i made mistakes anywhere, pls hammer on me


  • JoeOffsuitJoeOffsuit Red Chipper Posts: 499 ✭✭✭
    Hi Michael, welcome to Red Chip Forums!

    First of all, BRAVO for responding to a flop check-raise with a light all-in shove, and getting the villain to fold! I think most of this forum approves of having this play in our poker arsenals. And of course the question is when is the right spot to apply this play. Estimating the villain's preflop range, studying the flop, and knowing your history with this villain, I think you did well.

    That said, while 9% 3-betters are obviously very aggressive players, I think such players are going to be few and far between when you move beyond the micro-stakes. The stat I would be looking for is the villain's aggression factor, which I didn't see you report on this villain. If you get check raised by a villain with a high aggression factor, that's another good opportunity to pull this play.

    Myself, whenever I see a check-raise (whether I am still in the hand or not), I try to pay attention to the texture of the flop the villain check raised on. Then if I suspect a villain has a texture of flop that he likes to check-raise on, I add that as another opportunity to make this type of play. (it works for me.)

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