When Can We Get Ed's New BOOK?

tengusteeltengusteel Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
edited March 2015 in General Concepts
Each of these Videos in his new book is increasing my win rate. I need the whole book asap! @ED I will do free editing if it isn't complete yet.


  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    Ha thanks! Glad you are interested. It's looking like mid/late April release. I had hoped to have it out a couple weeks earlier, but we're doing a little more work on it than I usually do. I'm happy with it. Subscribe to my email list at http://edmillerpoker.com/home/ and you'll get the announcements.
  • tengusteeltengusteel Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
    @ED I subscribed. I expect that I could be a poster child for the goals of this book. I'm a retired 50 y/o who plays 30-40 hours each week. If this book works, I should be a strong, winning 5/10 player by the end of the year. :) I was at Microsoft for 18 years.

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