Need Strategy for playing TPTK

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I really need to refine my strategy for playing TPTK. I want a strategy that balances getting value from worse hands but limits losses to sets. There must be a correct way to play this hand that is best.

Here is a Typical Hand From Tonight.
Let's start with playing it IP.
LIVE 2/5 Cash Game Las Vegas
ACTION Folds to MP($500)(Reg) who RAISES to $15
HJ($500)(Reg) calls
Folds to HERO in CO($500) has :Ad:Ks 3Bets to $65
Folds around to MP who calls
POT $152
FLOP :Kd:8h:4s
MP($435) Checks
HERO($435) Bets 1/2 Pot to $75
MP Calls
POT: $302
TURN: :2c
MP Checks
HERO Checks back to Pot Control in case he smooth called with a Set.
RIVER: :9s
MP($360) Donk Bets 1/2 Pot for $150
What does HERO($360) Do?


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    As played, here is my thought process

    1. He's a Reg, and he most likely called the Flop with something. His Raise/Call-3Bet range could be QQ-44, AK-AQ, Maybe KQs or KJs but not sure. Of this Range, I want flop calls from the KQ & KJ (24 total combos) of course. He would also probably smooth call the flop with 88 & 44 (6 total combos). He might float here with QQ-99 (24 other combos).

    2. My plan is to extract two streets of value but try to get a set to reveal itself.

    3. So I bet the flop for value. A raise might indicate a set.

    4. I check back the turn, to pot control. I'm wondering if I should fire the turn with the turn being a brick.

    5. When he donks out on the River for half pot, I suspect he has a strong hand he wants value from most of the time. It seems weak tight to fold here. He might just be trying to take the pot away since I checked the turn or he might be thinking his KQ or KJ is good and thinks it's a value bet. A set of course makes the value bet here most of the time.

    I called the River bet only to be shown a set. If he had bet more on the river, especially if he potted it, I could have folded.

    I'm glad I pot controlled on the turn or the River bet would have been the rest of my stack and a much tougher decision. Either way.

    Can someone please help me fix my plan for these TPTK pots? Or is this a decent plan and I need to try and get a better read to sniff out the sets.
  • tengusteeltengusteel Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
    I Know hands like :Ah:Ks play better Heads Up, so the point of my 3Bet was to either take down the pot, or limit the opponents to the 1 or two players I have position on. However, since Big Slick makes TPTK most of the time it makes a hand, I'm wondering if I should stop 3Betting Big Slick and just smooth call instead. The problem with that plan is of course that everyone behind me might come into the pot. But isn't it also true that not 3betting would allow KQ to stay in the pot?

    This seems like a fundamental theory issue. Can someone please sprinkle some wisdom on this very common scenario.
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    Yeah we need to talk -_-
    I'll write when I wake up!

  • tengusteeltengusteel Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
    Tough Love appreciated.
  • tengusteeltengusteel Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
    I just spent the last hour watching Split's Ace King Video which I bought for $25. It was very educational and worth every dollar. I will probably watch it again tonight and take notes.

    According to his Video, this spot came up towards the end of the video. According to Split, I should have checked back on this flop and decide what to do on the turn. Essentially, If I understand the video correctly, I should have been just trying to get to showdown as cheaply as possible.

    Yes, I've stayed up all night researching this. I really want to improve.
    Yes, I have a tournament to play in a few hours, but sleep can happen later. Yes, maybe I'm obsessed with getting better at this game.
    Yes, I'm realizing from materials I find at RCP that I'm kind of terrible at poker even though I do very well in small stakes games. I can't wait to get better!

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