Pregame Rituals

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I was wondering if anyone incorporates some type of warm up/routine, mentally or physically, before they play a session or tournament? Or, do you do nothing at all and just jump right into the action?

I try to incorporate a warm up before playing as I feel it gets me playing my best game right out the gate. Which sometimes makes the difference of a breakeven or a profitable day because I'm not having to make up for losses and bad decisions I made before I finally did get focused.

Here's a quick overview of what I try to do. Would like to hear if anyone does anything similar or different!

- I try to have some level of physically activity, the intensity level usually depends on the length of my session
- I like to have a shower and get out of my PJ's and week old boxers even if I'm playing online as I feel more comfortable to sit in for a longer session.
- Have something to eat. depending on session length I'll pack some healthy drinks and snacks
- Review my current poker goals, areas of my game I'm trying to improve ex; leaks and their corrections.
- Review some troubled hands I tagged from my preview session or an area in which I noted I was struggling with
- Lastly, online, I never fire up the maximum amount of tables I can handle. I usually start with only 50% of the tables and slowly add the other 50% over the next 15-20 mins. This allows some wiggle room if your not playing your A game or running bad maybe it's a better to play a few less tables and really focus on all of your decisions so you can be sure you're consistently making the best ones!


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