November 9 needs to go!

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First I am a low limit cash game player. While I have had some decent results in the tournaments I have played I generally don't play them. My real life doesn't allow for it. However, I love the WSOP as I believe most poker players do. I have been going to it every year for the past 5 years and have watched it before Moneymaker. I am probably one of the few people who saw the Chan Seidel hand on TV before it was in Rounders.

I also just read Mike Sexton's blog about the November 9 and I am glad someone of some stature in poker thinks the same as me. I don't like it and never really have but I understand why they did it. It was a TV and PR move. I get it, the Moneymaker effect was wearing off, online poker was still going a juggernaut, and ESPN needed a reason to stay interested. The November 9 is not good for poker. The WSOP is a six week poker party. Its every where in Vegas for those six weeks and the action is unbelievable. It has truly become a world wide event too. I played in the cash game room of the WSOP last year and me and one man who looked about 150 years old were the only ones that spoke English as a first language. Some didn't speak it at all. Enforcing English only at the table was not really an option. So why take the crown jewel event and move its conclusion after the bulk of the people who love the game are long gone?. Sexton's idea to take a two day break to rest/prep for the final table is a great idea IMO.

The other great point he made was that it has become a team event and I couldn't agree more. November 9ers now go back and study tape, get a coach or coaches, and analyze their opponent's games and their own games. Or if you are Phil Ivey play golf, do yoga, and go to Cabo. For me and I believe, for a lot of poker players, one of its biggest draws is the man against the world feel it has. I enjoy out thinking my opponents at the table. That part has been stripped from the final table and its even worse than that because they break when they get down to the final 3 as well. I don't think the 15 minute delay is a big deal unless its coupled with a four month layoff. Knowing a player bluffed me when I held JJ on a K high board 15 minutes ago is one thing. Its an other thing if I have studied that play for the last several months because I saw it worked on my opponent on tape.

This past year the players were basically getting analytical briefs on the breaks, except for Pappas. When did this become part of the poker fabric? I know this is a long rant for the forum but I think the WSOP, especially the Main Event and the poker world would be better off if the final table was played in July and not November. Most of my family and close friends don't play poker and thus don't understand my passion for it. So I would love to hear from anyone that has an opinion on the subject. Especially the RCP pros and anyone that has played in the Main Event, which I have not:(


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