Shove or just call with AA

IznogoodIznogood Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
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Villain was a 18/14/5 (VPIP/PFR/3Bet). I only have 116 hands on him, but he had been extremely aggressive in at least the beginning of every pot. Flop aggresion 73. He did not steal much from the CO, but quite a lot from BTN and SB.

Poker Stars, $0.10/$0.25 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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SB: $23.69 (94.8 bb)
BB: $26.79 (107.2 bb)
UTG: $25.35 (101.4 bb)
MP: $25.25 (101 bb)
CO: $47.58 (190.3 bb)
Hero (BTN): $37.71 (150.8 bb)

Preflop: Hero is BTN with Aclub4.gif Aheart4.gif
UTG folds, MP raises to $0.75, CO raises to $2.05, Hero calls $2.05, 3 folds

Flop: ($5.20) 5club4.gif 9club4.gif Jclub4.gif (2 players)
CO bets $3.65, Hero calls $3.65

Turn: ($12.50) 2diamond4.gif (2 players)
CO bets $8, Hero ?????

How would you play here? Would this be a good spot to bluff-shove or should just call and try to get it in on the river, if I hit the flush?


  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    Hey Iznogood,

    As played, I would shove the Turn.

    But I want to say a few things:

    We're not shoving the Turn as a bluff or semi-bluff. We are shoving the Turn for value. AA alone is ahead of enough of his range on the Turn for us to shove profitably. It just so happens that we have a flush draw to go along with it.
    However, if we just call and the river falls a club, it is unlikely for us to get our opponent's entire stack. It is much easier for us to shove Turn and get called by worse, rather than waiting for the Club to fall and then ensuing that action.

    Also, make sure you have strong reasoning for not 4betting Preflop. I can be for or against it depending on your assumptions.

    Hope this helps! :-)
  • IznogoodIznogood Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Hi Christian.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Perhaps I should have 4bet preflop - that way I would have won a little, instead of loosing a buy-in. If I remember correctly I just called his raise to keep the MP megafish in the pot also - aiming to get his stack later in the hand.

    As it turned out, I did actually shove. He had 8c7c and I did not hit my flush, so I lost a buyin.

    I just could not make up my mind if shoving was the correct move. Glad to hear that it was - will definately help me sleep better tonight :-).
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm fine with the call preflop if your plan was to keep the mega fish involved. I like it!
  • tagliustaglius Red Chipper Posts: 290 ✭✭
    Don't use whether the fact that you lost a buyin as the credentials for whether you played the hand well or not. We all know you can play a hand perfectly and lose a buyin. They're called coolers - where the correct play is to go broke.

    Keeping the fish in the pot is a good reason to not 4bet AA. I would add, though, that it's possible that the megafish calls the 4bet anyway. (he is a fish, after all).

    I personally almost always play AA like it's AA. My hope is that I've been aggressive enough at the table to this point that people are getting sick of me, and they're just now getting ready to take a stand, and oopsie I have AA this time. I never have to worry about hiding the fact that I have AA because I play lots of other hands just like this, so it's well-hidden.

    I'm not saying your play was bad - you had good reasons for playing the way you did, and once you made that decision you just got coolered. It happens. On to the next hand.

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