working new concepts into old game.

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I play a low stakes live game. Last year I made some money with a certain style. Now trying to work a more advanced game. Making decisions off of play info and using the math more, also seeing guys that win big or lose big take higher risk. I have tried that have come out on short end. Old style was play tight make hands and value bet them. To me it is not best style if was to play a higher stake or tougher game. This is very weak passive, but lots like to gamble even 10x raise will see 5 callers. Question is can a stick to what was working since the other players don't seem to be changing their game?


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,069 -
    That's a great question. If the game you are playing in is that fishy, you are kind of handcuffed to play a more ABC style.
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    SplitSuit wrote:
    That's a great question. If the game you are playing in is that fishy, you are kind of handcuffed to play a more ABC style.
    +1. All of your studying will pay off in any game, but save the fancy plays for the players who they will work on. If the game you're in plays like a $.25/$.50 home game (or if it IS a $.25/$.50 home game), people will make enough mistakes that you can just sit there and play face-up set-mining exploitable TAG poker and stack chips. Of course, the hand-reading and math will still come in handy.
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    I travel a lot due to my occupation (sounds better than "I travel a lot due to my job") and have played live 1 /2 or 1 /3 cash games in at least 14 different states. Every place I have played has at least one nit sitting there with three or four buy ins in front of him or her. Sits there reading their tablet and playing strong hands. People bet three streets into these nits and the nits call them down with the nuts. Or the nits bets three streets with sets or better and get called call down by two pair. It is absolutely amazing to watch. It is hard to believe any one would play a big pot against these nits without the stone cold unbeatable nuts.

    I think the key to winning at poker is to play a style that works against your opponents.
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    Well played tonight went back to my tight ranges. Seen only a few junk hands hit. Yes I raised AA 6.5 BB 3 callers good orphan flops. Was playing position only. Never had to lead out and got paid off. 2 hours made 3 buy ins. So this works because they will pay off and chase. Plus advise not to blow everyone and just go 1/2 , 2/3 pot bets called on 2 streets minimum. Can be slow but good people to chat with.
  • Homie_Da_SharkHomie_Da_Shark Red Chipper Posts: 4
    Just to clarify. What I typed above has been true in every casino I have played in, but not for every session I have played.
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    Your question makes me think about leveling. And I think it applies to this. In leveling, i.e. "what does he think I think he think I have". You always want to be ONE level beyond your opponent. This means playing normally at level 2 against the weaker level 1 players. And level 3 against the better level 2 players.

    Playing level 4 against a guy playing level 1 is just a disaster.

    I would keep that in mind when thinking about these game. Some advance concepts are great to know but they might be the wrong tools in very basic games. I feel you always want to be one step ahead but not two. Otherwise you might fall into FPS.
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    Good advice JCW. I have been playing level 2. Don't need to do much more. These are all regs. They tell me they figured I had the nuts, but they had top pair they couldn't fold. So I get paid off don't need to over think it.

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