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So I'm writing this on March 23, 2015. We all know what happened on April 15, 2011, and we also know how much tougher the games have gotten over the last decade. I am actually looking for a general direction in poker. My first question is on advice for building a bankroll online. The only places I know to play online right now for USA players are Bovada, Revolution, BetOnline, and Carbon. As poker is a game of skill, I don't believe the UIGEA applies to us at all, so I am exercising what little freedom we have left in the United States! Right now I am on Bovada and Revolution. Revolution is the only one of the four I mentioned that gives great rakeback, but the traffic on there is poor. I am only making about $5-$8 or so an hour online, which is the same wage I am getting from shortstacking a 50BB stack at $1-$2 live. My bankroll is weak and I am desperately trying to gain traction and build up my bankroll somehow. Should I abandon the tough online games and use online only for practice? Also, to make matters more complicated for me, online I favor Omaha because Hold 'Em cash games are so rough online...I've been studying a lot of Omaha (does this site also cater to Omaha???) Can someone help me figure out how expected winrates compare for the same player live vs. online? I like online and live equally right now, but as far as growth I think live seems better. What factors are there to consider? What would all of you do? I love poker but I'm at a fork in the, I'm lost!! :-)


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    You seem to be a winning player both live and online. So if you have time for both why not keep playing both. You say online cash is rough what level you playing at? Is there a day of the week that seem to be better then others. If so maybe be a regular on that day. hope this helps
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    I don't have much experience playing live, but from what i have read before, live are much more softer in terms of games. However, online the key is volume since the games are generally going to be that much harder. Figuring out what you can make is entirely up to your results and your winrate. If your thinking about switching over from live to online, i would recommend that you make a slow but smooth transition. Just like most things in life, jumping right into something fully is going to do more damage than good. Probably start off by playing an hour online before hitting the poker tables at your casino and slowly measure your result and comfortability with it.

    Your results will eventually come and you'll be able to answer your own question the best.

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    Play deeper live; there is no fork.
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    persuadeo wrote:
    Play deeper live; there is no fork.

    Sorry I'm a little late on this one, but agree 100% here. If you can beat any stake online for $5-$8 an hour, you'll be one of the better players at your $1/$2 - $2/$5 table live, and you'll be able to beat it for up to 3 times that. Online is tough nowadays, and the edges are much smaller than before, even at micros.

    I'm assuming (hoping?) that you're not living solely off of the income you make from online poker right now... so prioritize and rework your finances so you can invest in your roll. You only need ~20 buy-ins min for a live BR (more is better obv), assuming you're not living off that roll as your primary income, and you can take shots at 100bb $1/$2 even before you reach 20BIs
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    Yeah I'm pretty much convinced I need to focus on live play...I just need to painfully build my bankroll over time.
  • Toe-KneeToe-Knee Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭
    Thanks for everyone's help! I will work towards full stack $2-$5 live and do online mainly only for practice. That's the plan!
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    I don't care much for online play anymore. I use it mostly for practice. I don't really recommend Omaha as a bankroll builder anyway because the variance is just too high. But PLO/8 - that is another story, and the variance is lower. Also, hardly anyone knows how to play it well. Those games are usually pretty soft, but harder online as always.

    If you don't have the roll (you would know), then shortstacking at $1/2 sounds fine to me. You haven't really offered what your roll is and obviously shortstacking is less risky, at least in terms of variance.

    But typically $1/2 live is such a soft game normally that you want to stack up as soon as possible.

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