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Just viewed the video and really liked your format of having a guest and reviewing specific content that is germane to $2/$5 players. I as well sometimes don't get enough value from hands like AQ. I assume from the flop that I should get two streets but I should be pushing for three streets in many scenarios. Question: If the student had AJ instead of AQ when he flopped top pair, would you still advocate betting on all three streets?
Also, the best thing I took out of your video is how a good hand reader studies opponents at the table. I am paraphrasing but you commented that if your student is constantly checking back top pair type hands ott and then betting or calling the river, when he does double barrel, you can eliminate most medium strength hands from his range. His range becomes more polarized to either bluffs or monsters. I forget the exact flop of the AQ hand but I think it was A45r. If your student would have double barreled the turn I would be more apt to put him on 67,44,55 then AK-AJ. This is valuable information to use in the future against said opponent's and something I will look more closely at when I play live.


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    Thank you! My April video is also done with Bob and we discuss suited connectors...so keep an eye out for that one.

    Yes, I would typically bet 3 streets with AQ there. If villain folds the river, that's fine. Like you said, if Hero is always checking back the turn/river with hands like AQ/AJ, then his betting range becomes very polarized...which can be easy to read for any decent player. And yes, I'd fire AJ on the turn as well =)
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