Non WSOP tournaments during the WSOP

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While I hope to play in an WSOP event, does anyone have any recommendations for tournaments going on during the WSOP that aren't WSOP events?

What casinos have good tournaments?

I've heard the Wynn and Planet Hollywood are good.

Any recommendations? Suggestions?


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    When I go for WSOP I usually also play the Venetian Deepstacks (highly recomended). I also play the daily $235 Deepstacks at the Rio (these have good bang for your buck...1st is usually over 40k)
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    I played PH last year and it was off the chain! I ended up liking them better than the WSOP daily deepstacks. Big fields, poor/weak play for the most part, god dealers - was awesome! I knew a ton of the dealers because they used dealers from the WSOP circuit.

    I also enjoy an event or 2 at Binions - very low rake, competent dealers & an old school feel. Their schedule is not out as yet.

    The Wynn has a great series - I don't think the schedule is out, yet. I love their room - it's my favorite in Vegas. The tournament series often plays at the Encore - but the area is not too bad - but not as nice as the Wynn room itself.

    Every once and again, I'll stop in at the Golden Nugget - their schedule is available.

    The Aria sometimes has a series - I haven't seen anything for this summer yet.

    The WSOP has a couple of low priced events this year - the Collosus and the 777 - which are going to be off the chain, too! I'm looking forward to this summer :-)
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    The Aria is my new off Rio spot. They have a great room and great staff. Soft field.
    Caesers just opened up a new poker room. I used to love their old room. I hear its out in the wide open and not closed off like before. But Its the place where I had my biggest scores.
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    I haven't set my plan yet, but agree the Nugget fields are usually soft with low rake. You don't get the same drink service and food options as the Wynn, Aria or Venetian and you have to watch the dealers more carefully as they will have less experience. Venetian and Wynn are great events but will have tougher fields. I love playing Aria tournaments during the year. In my opinion they have the best overall staff in Vegas. I wish their overflow tournament area were more comfortable.

    If you play the Daily Deepstacks at Rio or the PH series, keep in mind that Caesars properties do not facilitate chops. This has led to a few shady incidents at Rio with players agreeing to deals at the table that they didn't live up to after the payouts.
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    This is not mine, but may be of interest:

    It is a spreadsheet of all the tourney in town. ... .xlsx?dl=0
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