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It's been a while since I read Professional NLH and after watching one of Splitsuit's videos on SPR realize I may be misapplying some of the concepts; Particularly that the actual SPR only applies to pre flop and flop betting and bet sizing to match the pot size with hand strength.

I guess I have been using SPR incorrectly post flop as another way of describing pot odds.

For example, lets say there are $700 effective stacks pre flop. 2 players call a raise and 3 are now in for $35 each. Pot is now $105. Effective stacks are now $665 so SPR (665/105)= 6.3. If I have a big pair, I probably would have been happier with a smaller SPR if I'm eventually going to get it all in.

Now lets say that by the river, There are 2 players left with $500 stacks and there is now $555 in the pot and we are contemplating calling a $500 shove. I guess here is where I have been misapplying the concept by thinking the current SPR is less than 0.5. Pot odds being better than 2:1 is the proper metric to describe the situation.

Is "SPR" only used as a pot sizing tool? If I am looking at the effective stack to pot size on the river, I am really just looking at the pot odds and not the "SPR" as defined.

Am I now using the terminology correctly?
Also, is it necessarily wrong to be equating SPR to pot odds when deciding whether to make a river call when the pot has become inflated on the turn?

Time to go back and reread the book..


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