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Im just wondering what the VPIP PFR Agression factor, and other stats are like for the Elite players. Im not one and I cant get stats for games I don't play in. What do they look like ?


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    You might be interested in this article SplitSuit wrote on [url = http://www.splitsuit.com/are-todays-pok ... aggressive]VPIP and PFR in poker[/url].
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    Matt Janda has a list of suggested ranges in his book "applications of NLH" which are "derived" based on a 3.5x opening size which you may find helpful.

    I think the ranges "elite" players play depend on the people they're playing with. I open p much ATC on the btn and c/o at my current stakes, but could not get away with that playing against 5 excellent players.

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