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I previously posted this in the wrong place... so this is a repost in (hopefully) the right place...

Greetings, I just signed up. I started playing poker online in December last year on a fake money site to learn the game. In March I graduated to real money, playing primarily 01/02c and a few free roll tournaments. I am down overall due to "heavy" losses in my first month but have since been holding steady with a slight gain in May.

I have been studying, watching hours of videos with a notebook (Splitsuit is my go to guy), listened to every RCP podcast, read articles… Truth be told, as a person new to poker, I think I am suffering from information overload, and still settling into finding my game and comfort zone, given my level. I have been tight, loose, aggro, passive, reckless, nitty... pretty much everything at some point. My challenge is to figure out what concepts to put on the back burner, and what concepts to focus on, given my skill level and the skill level of .02c.

My goal would be to move up in stakes. Cheers, and thanks to RCP for all the excellent free resources.


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