Bad Play, Cooler, or not trusting my read?

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Looking to get some feedback on this hand I played: $125 MTT in the first 4 levels, I've spun my 10K starting stack up to about 15K with 2 nice pickups sans showdown. I've been replaying this hand in my head and would love to get some other perspectives on this. Blinds 100/200

I limp call along with 2 others with :2d :2H:

Villain with 15K effective on BTN raises 2X to 400. This is an older guy who has been in a few pots, opening like this, and I haven't seen him c-bet. another player called out how he stands up from his 8 seat on the table to lean over and read the board each street - when he turned a set a couple hands back he didn't bother standing up for the river, assuming he was good (he was. I took note of this as well but we'd only played a couple hands to this point and I wasn't sold that this was a reliable tell.)

We all call - flop comes
:QS: :QD: :TS: :

Villain stands up - reads the board, sits down. It checks around.

Turn: :2s

gal in middle position bets 1600 (pot)

I raise to 3000 hoping she hit her flush.

Villain calls (did not stand up to read the turn), BB folds, MP girl folds.

River: :9S: - I kind of love this since it checks a lot of boxes for his range to hit a nut flush or straight. Villain stays seated. I bet 4500 for a value bet on the river and after hollywooding for about 30 seconds he raises all in. I take all of 15 seconds to call after pushing out the thought that he could have a higher full house of Q9, 99, or Q10. My thinking is that he's played passively looking for a draw that paid off on the river. I was thinking AsJx, KJ, etc, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking he didn't stand up to read the turn or river closer because he had the effective nuts.

Villain: :Qh :TC: and I'm out before I really get a chance to get started.

A couple things from my end:

1 - I didn't range the Villain well. I really didn't range him at all since he was being passive. I was blinded by turning a full house

2- Alarm bells went off when he stood over the flop and didn't care about the turn or river. I wasn't sold on this being a great tell but I just had a weird feeling that if he beats me its with a QT.

Maybe just a great play on Villain's end? If anyone bet the flop I was out of there. Did I misplay this hand, catch a bad break, or a little bit of both?

I'm trying to get better so please don't hold back on constructive criticism, or just plain calling out a poor play. Playing in this same tourney come Monday, hoping for different results!


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    A bit unlucky chalk it up as a cooler and move on..him cold calling a bet and a raise is a bit scary but he would make the same call with Ace spade or made flush.
  • Matthew BMatthew B Red Chipper Posts: 31 ✭✭
    Yeah not a whole lot you can do in that spot. I personally am raising pre but given the line you took its hard to fold there. I mean if it was super obvious that he was Hollywooding maybe you could of found a fold I don't think he is doing that with As. I think the river is a must bet for you though he is going to have some flushes a lot there and pay you off. I think he's going to have two spades a lot there too that aren't loving the river if you check to him he would be checking those back.
  • PondyPondy Red Chipper Posts: 150 ✭✭
    First of all: I am not a tournament specialist. But I will still try to give my opinion on this:

    It is incredibly difficult to get away from this hand with a full house and maybe he overvalues a flush. However: When an (unsophisticated) player reraises allin on a 4-flush board that is paired, he won't do that with an overpair. He won't do it with a straight. And he won't do it with any sort of flush. Most players will not do that with the nut flush either. Maybe it's different in tournaments, but in a cash game the nut flush would just call here.

    So there's not much else left that he can have. He basically never has a bluff, so his river raising range is made of boats and quads. I struggle to find a boat on this board that you beat. So against an old guy (even without your standing up read), this is a fold on the river. Will I fold in this spot? Probably not, but against this type of player, the correct play is to fold.

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