KK OPP, A on the Turn -- Thoughts

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The following hand is played in 6-Max $10NL Zoom on Stars, 5c/10c blinds. Would love your thoughts on this spot after I've shared mine. I think it's a spot that we will find fairly common.

You can also watch the replay on Jivaro if interested.

Hero starting stack: $15.11. Dealt :KS::KH: in the BB.

Action: Cutoff ($23.21) raises to $0.25. Hero raises to $1. V calls.

Flop: :2H::2C::TH: . Pot: $1.96. H raises $1.20.
Reason: V is likely a decent reg assuming he did not start with less than a starting stack so I don't want to push him away with too large of a bet but still I want value and decent protection to draws. H has the :KH: for a backdoor flush if things look bad on the turn so can afford to keep the bet at this size. V calls.

Turn: :2H::2C::TH::AS: . H decides to carry on with the story, and bets $2.25 into the pot of $4.25. I keep it small to not blowing up the pot in case I'm dead anyway but am still not giving away free cards in case V is simply drawing. If V raises I'm folding for sure. V calls.

River: :2H::2C::TH::AS::3C:. H checks. Reason: draws are always folding to any bet. There's no reason to bet into a stronger hand and there are too many 99, JJ, QQ, KK and flushdraws in V's range for him to make a bluff at the pot. V thinks for 20 seconds or so and bets $4.40 into the pot of $8.55. I need to be good 34% of the times to justify a call. I think that most aces will raise the turn to make someone pay for the flush draw, the only hands I'm putting villain on that beat me and do not have to be afraid of draws are TT or AA, pretty few combos. The other hand that can potentially have slow played/not gone overboard is AT but even that hand would normally raise the turn to avoid someone getting a cheap flush. H calls.

My main thoughts are really: should we perhaps be checking the turn, allowing someone to try to bluff us with a weaker hand and keep the pot smaller against a stronger hand? Are we good often enough to justify the call on the river? I think we are, but would love your thoughts here, also any comment is welcome. Thanks.

Result doesn't matter really but you can take a look if you want.
V shows :AH::TS:


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Depending on what you mean by decent reg he can have a lot of Axs here. Villain is IP so will likely have a wider range preflop being deeper than 100BB. A2s-AKa, 22-JJ, suited Broadway's, etc. You have Kh which makes it less likely he has flush draw, but still plenty of combos he could have. The ace is good for your range, so if he is a good reg its unlikely he's bluffing here. Seems like an enticing bet. Maybe hero fold.
  • Adam WheelerAdam Wheeler Red Chipper Posts: 2,659 ✭✭✭✭
    If he got A :HEART: X there is no reason for him to raise Turn. Nor A :HEART: x :HEART:

    I would say you're beat pretty often here and he is trying to let you think that he got a lot of missed FD in his range. I wouldn't be surprised to see V having 2P+ a lot in this spot.

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