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I figured it would be a good idea to start a journal to keep track of my progress and to get advice from fellow redchippers.

Some background: I used to be a break even player at NL25 back on Stars before black friday but it was a small sample size. June 1st of this year was the first time I've played since.

I picked up a copy of "The Course" by Ed Miller, read the section on 1/2, took a bunch of notes and went to the casino. Using his advice, and with some luck no doubt, I made 200 profit that first trip.

Stats for June 2017:
Sessions Played: 6
Hours Played: 39.5
Total Profit or Loss: +$459.00

Tonight was my first session of July and I lost $326.00. My first hand of the night was pocket aces. I managed to get all in and was called by a girl with pocket 7s. She ended up getting another 7 on the river. My next hand was pocket kings which I again got all in it. Opponent gets a flush. The next several hours was me at a bad table full of regular nits and being card dead.

- Work on being more aggressive. Right now im a very tight-passive nit and this needs to change.
- Continue to work on hand reading skills.

Study Materials Used Thus Far:
- "The Course" - Ed Miller
- "How To Read Hands At No Limit Holdem" - Ed MIller

Currently working through the 1/2 Crash Course and then the Aggression Course.


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    you should probably post this in the "challenge" forums
    "live poker hands" are mostly for hand histories....
  • Chris FChris F Red Chipper Posts: 155 ✭✭
    Session Date: July 4, 2017
    Game: NL 1/2 Hold'em
    Session Length: 4hrs.
    Profit or Loss -$110.00

    Observations and Notes
    I was feeling comfortable at the table tonight. I feel that I was accurately assigning categories to players (TAG, LAG, etc) and my hand reading abilities are vastly improving. I constantly found myself being able to predict what other players would do a great deal of the time.

    That said, variance has struck again. Two days ago I had a losing session where I lost -$326.00 because twice I got beat out by flush draws. Tonight was more of the same. I had a little over 200.00 with AJo in the hole. I'm on the button.

    Two limpers and unknown opponent (his first hand) in HJ limps. I bet 12 on the button. Everyone folds but Opponent.

    Flop comes Ah-Jc-5c

    Opponent bets 10. I reraise to 40. Opponent calls.

    Turn comes 7s

    Opponent checks. I bet 40 and Opponent calls.

    River comes 2c

    Opponent bets 25 I shove and he calls.

    Opponent shows the flush.

    I believe I made the right play but he was flirting with lady luck.
  • Chris FChris F Red Chipper Posts: 155 ✭✭
    Forgot to mention, while im feeling confident reading my opponents I feel I'm playing WAY to tight and being to passive. Again I need to work on my aggression as I'm on aggressive when I feel that its almost certain i'm ahead in the hand.
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    Why did you decide to turn top two into a bluff when it appears that Villain is chasing? He doesn't have a set or two pair on the flop because it's very likely that he would re-raise you, meaning that his range consists of mostly weaker Ax hands and flush draws. Bet bigger on the turn as your small bet combined with implied odds gives him a price to draw to the flush.
  • Chris FChris F Red Chipper Posts: 155 ✭✭
    Thanks for the comment.

    The reason I only bet 40 on the turn is because where I play anything bigger than 40 will often scare your opponent out. I was thinking he probably had a pait of aces so I wanted to bet the most I could without getting him to fold. When he only made a small bet on the river I thought he was kinda scared that his ace was no good against a possible flush otherwise why would he bet so small? That was my thought process. Thoughts?
  • kenaceskenaces Red Chipper Posts: 1,008 ✭✭✭✭
    you are afraid to bet too big on turn because he will fold too much and then you raise big on river in spot where it will be VERY hard for him to call with worse?

  • Chris FChris F Red Chipper Posts: 155 ✭✭
    kenaces wrote: »
    you are afraid to bet too big on turn because he will fold too much and then you raise big on river in spot where it will be VERY hard for him to call with worse?

    You just made me have a "doh!" moment. I really need to think about my bet sizing and why I bet or don't bet.
  • Chris FChris F Red Chipper Posts: 155 ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Session Date: July 15, 2017
    Game: NL 1/2 Hold'em
    Session Length: 5.5 Hours
    Profit or Loss: -$113.00

    Last night was my first session in about two weeks. Last week I had a bunch of time off work and I went through the entire video series by Ed Miller ("The Course") as well as the 1/2 Crash Course videos and all articles and podcast on the crash course page. Ended up with around 15 pages of typed notes on everything.

    The further down the rabbit hole I go the deeper I see it is. I answer one question only to have three more pop up. Its a giant puzzle and I'm loving every minute of it.

    Last night was another loss with most of it from one hand. I posted about that hand here

    The first month of poker I was a huge nit. Fold every hand for two hours? That was my game...

    Since watching the crash course, and especially Ed's video on barreling, I'm slowing evolving from my nitty ways. I started out being aggressive at the table last night and it went well... for an hour or so.

    I played tight but not "nit" tight. I kept my position in mind as well as who the players left to act after me were and what I thought they would do. I'm getting better and slowing down and planning my hand.

    I love @Christian Soto "Pain Threshold" concept where preflop raises aren't for value but rather for isolation. I kept that in mind and made my preflop raises $20 to go. This almost always got me into a heads up pot.

    (Side note: I'm much more comfortable playing in position now but I still have trouble being aggressive OOP)

    The flop would come and I would ask myself a series of questions:

    "Whos my opponent and what do I think he called me with?"
    "Do I think this flop helped my opponent any? Did it help me."
    "Should I fire a cbet? Is it a value raise or a bluff raise?"
    "What do I expect opponent to do if I raise?"
    "Does he want to play for stacks?"

    I never really had a good hand during that first hour which is fine because I got to practice my barreling.

    On most of the flops that I decided to cbet I noticed that I could often take it down right there. If not then a turn barrel almost always did the trick. During that first hour I took down several pots where I was betting with air. I felt pretty comfortable in knowing which opponents to target with barrels and which ones to play straightforward against.

    After a little more than an hour I ran into the hand that I posted in the link above. My biggest bluff on the night failed. Partly because my opponent got lucky on the river and partly because I still suck at poker. :P

    I'm glad it happened though because it exposed some more leaks of mine. I need to pay better attention to stack sizes and I need a deeper understanding of bet sizing.

    Soon after that a couple of aggressive players sat down at the table. I wasn't in many hands with them but I noticed that @SplitSuit is correct that many times aggressive players will start to feel uncomfortable if you get aggressive back. An older guy at the table started fighting fire with fire and reraising them at every chance he got. They quickly stopped betting and tightened up.

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