87s vs PP

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So... when we have 87s and villain has an overpair we both hit the flop 5% of the time and we have 75% equity. (Our "hits" are 2-pair plus.)

Do I have that set up correctly?

So, how much money do I need to win to call a bet here?

Do I take .75*.05 = .0375, turn that into a fraction, subtract one, and multiply the result times the bet I must call to see the minimum I must get on a call?

.75*.05 = .0375. This is 26.666. 26.666-1 = 25.666. 25.666* bet = minimum I need to win to be able to call here. 25.666 * 18 = 462

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  • eugeniusjreugeniusjr Red Chipper Posts: 427 ✭✭✭
    I added the 2P overpair. Thank you.

    With a combo draw, such as a 6d5d or equivalent. Is there a way to add combo draws to the Flop Falcon hand criteria?

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