7 handed, $100 freeroll bar tourney, blinds 100/200, deep stack

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This is hand 50 minutes into play at a freeroll bar tourney known for bringing both competent players, maniacs, newbies, and in between. I have played several hands and always shown up with very premium holdings. Blinds are 15 minutes. Started 25 / 50.

On the table, other than the newbie, I am the shortest stack with about 18500 chips (92.5 bb).
I showed up several hands with the nuts such as sets, FH, and nut straights, as well as bluffed a few times into a weak field in position. I believe I appear strong aggressive with a good range since I've shown down so much.

UTG calls, UTG+1 folds, lojack calls, hijack folds, but calls, SB (me) calls, and BB checks.

SB with :2c :2d

Flop: Pot 1000, 5 ways. Effective stack (mine) 18300.
:6s :Ah :2h
SB (me) lead for 1000.
BB folds, UTG calls, lojack calls, but folds.

Turn: 3 ways, 3000
SB (me) bet 2700.
UTG calls, lojack folds

River: 8400, heads up.

I check, He jams (covering me easily), I call. He shows :6h :6c

First off I realize I bet pot into 4 people on the flop, but the table had been very call heavy with flush draws, or at least "pay to see the turn" type mentality. I figured betting 1 oversized chip even if it's worth pot would go over these guys heads since the pot consisted of a massive amount of 25 and 50 denomination chips.

My turn continuation was assuming I had isolated down to flush draws and aces, or hopefully A6, although that would have likely raised with the flush draw out there.

The river check was to induce, as I don't think my opponent if he missed his flush draw would call anything, he might fold an Ax, and he might think I'm giving up by missing my flush draw or don't want to inflate with a weak pair. I didn't expect him to jam, but I put him on an unlikely A6, Ax or perhaps AJo, or a flush draw, heavily weighted towards a flush draw that perhaps paired the river and is bluffing to get aces off.

This player has also showed up with stuff like 68s with a front door flush draw that rivered a pair of 6 and called down. Several hands earlier he called a 5-6x pot all in with :Ah :4c on a :4h :3d :5d :7D: and ended up rivering a set that took it down from pocket QQ.

Considering he shouldn't have 10+ / AQ+ due to position, was my line correct? I realize this is a cooler kind of hand, and I was highly highly aggressive, but I had shown similar aggression on several previous hands that folded before showdown and was trying to capitalize on that image.


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    preflop, flop, and turn all well played.

    The river im on board with inducing, but I hate to lose value vs Ax at the same time. I would like to bet 2500-3500 on the river to induce but still get value from Ax. Never folding vs his shove.
  • tripletiretripletire Red Chipper Posts: 323 ✭✭✭
    I agree with everything Austin said except I don't mind going to 5k on the river to get calls from really stubborn Ax and all his random 2pairs at this point.
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    tripletire wrote: »
    I agree with everything Austin said except I don't mind going to 5k on the river to get calls from really stubborn Ax and all his random 2pairs at this point.

    Reason I chose a smaller sizing when looking at this hand is because of the stack sizes left over. 5K takes away the villain from doing anything spazzy that looks weak. Here will only have like 14k left on the river, so I wanted to give the impression of fold equity because of the missed flush draws. Where as A63rainbow I am more on board with 5k and their range will be made up of Ax and 2 pairs often and they will not really have anything to bluff raise with.

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