Religions, Gods, magic, superstion and poker.

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First off, this is just a bit of fun, semi logical reasoning. Its all in fun, so if I touch on some belief system you strongly follow, and I offend anyone, it was not my attention...I'm using religion, here more as a philosophical thought process, to see if it might help at the poker table.

That being said, we all bring a little superstition s , to the poker table. I do it, though mostly in fun, I probably have a little part of me the believes it.

A few years ago I picked up in a 99 cent store a cheap plastic bracelet with a magnet that was suppose to align my natural energy flow. I put it on and ran pretty well at poker. I did not take it off till it fell apart about 6 month later. Did it really help my poker game, probably not, but it was fun to think it might have, and after all I kept wearing it.

well luckily the world has had lots of beliefs systems and we can consider using at the poker table. So here goes a quick review of some " useful" ones.

Well virgin sacrifice into a volcano, probably has limited use, not saying it wont work but, no active volcanoes around where I play, and probably not to many virgins, but you might try drinking a virgin marry, to the gods of poker....

Off to the ancient Egyptians. Ive studied a bit of Hieroglyphs, and the Egyptians believed in a form of magic, that if it was said it became so. In Hieroglyphs, a per herew or vioce offering, is common in prayers. That is if you said give an offering of 1000, bear a 1000 bread....ect, this would be given to the deceased in the after life. Just the saying made it so.

Well how many of us have tried this magic at the poker table...We say no the river card is dealt out. We say this is going to be my hand, before the dealer even deals a card. i'm not saying it works but I've tried it many times.

Well off the the Greek and Roman gods. Not sure I've been able to think of too much from these gods....but they did have a system of lesser River gods.....the Greeks called THE POTAMOI, and the Romans called the FLUMEN. Im not quite sure how your supposed to honor them or ask their help but, I'm sure the might appreciate a thought now and then, when you want help on the river.

Now then then for those of you how wear a hammer of Thor around you neck and grab it when the need a little help at the poker table, your North Gods are gods a poker player could appreciate. These gods would grant you good fortune if you entertained them. Be daring at the poker table, drink have fun, amuse the gods, and they just might grant you the miracle you need on the river. And remember, on Thursday, that's Thor's day,

Well off to Judaism. Here pretty much, if the Israelis follow gods rules thing go well. Break gods rules, and you can expect some Babylonians to come along and give you a bad beat. Of course an underlining principle is who are you to question gods reason for doing something. Next time you get a bad beat you might want to think of this.

Well the Christians, seem to base a lot on the meek will inherit the world. Not a great philosophy for today's poker games.

Off to my favorite world Religion and philosophy for poker. Buddhism...
Here we have
All life is suffering.
the rout of all suffering is want.
remove want and you remove suffering.

Now here is a philosophy I believe works great for poker. You feel pain because of a bad beat, it just that you did not want your aces cracked. Remove that want and poker becomes much easier to play.

Ok I have not actually tried the Eight fold path to remove want.....but just knowing the goal might help.

Well that my thoughts so far, on Religions, Gods, magic, superstion and poker (though I suppose witch craft, devil worship and or voodoo could be considered)


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    Have you read Tommy Angelo's book - Elements of Poker?
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    My philosophy in life is:
    All life is randomness.
    The rout of all suffering is randomness.
    Embrace randomness and make it your ally and you shall succeed.
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    Ryan A wrote: »
    Have you read Tommy Angelo's book - Elements of Poker?

    Or more appropriately his newer Painless Poker, which essentially is Eazzy's Buddhist angle. So for some at least, this one is actually legit.
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    My belief in providence(christian) helps me tremendously at the table. My sufferings at the table are ordained by God for my good, so it isn't something I need to try to avoid by playing scared.
    Jesus' admonition to be "wise as serpents yet innocent as doves" is helpful to me as well. Also the command to love my enemies helps me be kind at the table, even though they are still my enemies hahahaha :-D.
    :Jd :Tc