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I just went pro and Im trying to build to 50 buyins. roughly 6000bb the average of what I consider a buy-in. so Im on a 6000bb adventure. by pro I mean poker is my sole source of income. The consequences are real. The odds are not good ror is high because of br. This is a difficult yet good time in my life. I will be posting all results. If its a losing session I will have to post why I lost.If its a losing session I will have to post why I lost. If its a losing session I will have to post why I lost. If its a winning a session Ill just post the session result. so far I v had 6/6 winning sessions. Wish me hold up. 8vhx2ob6bj9f.jpg


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    so I had a losing session yesterday. Thats not what bothers me. what bothers me is that I played worse then a drunk. I did not have a b/f plan before I bet. In fact I tried to figure it out on the spot, and all though it was SO very clear a fold, I not only mistaked not folded, I pushed(which Im happy about :). ) GOD I played HORRIBLE! 2 mistakes while still playing ok. in order I bluffed then showed, few hands latter I made a good bluff but he tanked and called with 77 on the turn , he looked at his cards to see if he had a spade then called, missed the spade but I had nothing and he had pocket77, 10 high flop, me b he call, tuen he chk, I bet pot, he tank call, river chk chk. this play would have worked if I didnt show the bluff 5 hands prior, (not upset about this play, upset about showing bluff and then bluffing again so soon) once I realized that I tilted and lost the next 2 hands in an hour. If I cant get a lesson after it it was a true lose, if I get a lesson I paid for some education. all the above with the exception of showing the bluff im not at all upset about. Id do it again same way, except not have shown bluff, >or if I did NOT bluff again after such a short frequncey. maybe not allowed to bluff until after 2 called value bets, something like that. I cant just take every good situation I see, I have to watch my frequncy if they are watching my frequency and they are. THE 2 hands I lost on got me thinking about lines. and stack depth. for example and heres is the hands im ashamed off played in a tilted fog. I had no b/f line anticipation plan in head . me K10, raise call, flop 5,8,10 rainbow. he chk I bet 60 he raised 160 I push. HORRIBLE> should have been an insta fold. There WERE NO draws, coupled with he could have had JJ, 55, 88. 55,88 perfect fit. there were no draws, hell A10 beat me. I wont go into the leveling of myself as there was no need to level this guy. it was an obvious b/f. but I didnt have the symbol b/f in my head before I bet. next time before I bet I will see the this is a b/f in my head BEFORE I even bet. Other losing hand could have easily been avoided by not being there in the first place. I had 9,5o. he had connectors, three unconnected cards on flop, chk chk raised pot(me) turn 9 i go al in with my highest pair on board which came on turn he calls and wins with the bottom end. the all in was for my remaining 100, so. anyway horrible play. but got my thinking about b/f lines and when they matter. they only matter based on on my stack depth. the deeper my stack the further into the line you have to think. for example on 1st fuck up I bet 60 he 160 I shove with top pair on a 10,5,8 board. The way I did it was horrible a clear B/F. HOWEVER if my stack was small then it would have been right. which means I only had to consider the B and ignore the /F. so got me thinking shorter stack shorter forethsight needed. not bet/fold bet and thinking is done. at a deeper stack that could have been b/ca/chk/fold if not improved or b/ca/reeval. but at me deepth it was a clear b/f in my opinion. just 2 steps ahead. if u cant think this is a b/f are lost. HAND 2 - should not have been there in the first place. but with a remaining 100 and I was their turn 9 (5,9) highest on board hand rated to be best and Im ok with the val/pro shove of remaining small stack, BUT -not being there waould have been better. Lessons learned for hand 1 (575session) bluff didnt work obviously clouded my brain so then and allways and ESPICIALLY with a clouded brain dont even touch your chips without seeing at least 2 moves into the hand, I should have clearly seen B/F before even betting the 60. hand 2 lesson for (185session) what the fuck were u doing there with 9,5? and betting??? the majority of the time in the game im at 400-800 stack depths or 80bb-160bb is a CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR BET/FOLD on flop. or if potential then MAYBE POSSIBLY BET/CALL/EVAL turn if you improve and the improvement did not improve his range to a stright. DAMN, a 1/2 player has this automatic already, WTF were u thinking? at least it got me to thinking that the deeper the stacks the deeper in the line you should be thinking. AGIAN its mostly a B/F at tp on no draw board. at 80-160 deep. I think, I will further think about that, but not complicated I think its just a clear B/F with k,10 on a rainbow 5,8,10pot raised by me in postion and limped called with 5,8 . there is no draws, and he to my knowledge is abc.
    ALEX Ill take " BET/FOLD see it clearly next time,,,,, before ,,,,,you make the flop bet. " for 575 please. or even deleverage the pot with your shitty 10 and chk back.
    on the drive home I considered stepping down to 1-3 to punish myself for not playing 101AFUCKINGBFUCKINGC decions making ULTIMATE WTF???
    however I decided that nothing new was baffeling me I just was temprarly stupid. so instead of stepping down and protecting my roll, I will protect it by keeping everything the same and upping my walk rate to sitting with 1200-2100 1650 average , 800-1400 profit. accomplished: identified the mistake. thought deeper about short and deeper stacked and deepth of decion tree needed to think forward at deeper stacks. AND uped my balls to play better longer and expect to 1650 walk, vs my prior 500. headed out, lets do this. some days you win, some days you lose, some days you recoup loses. but you should always have at minimum a 2 step planned line before betting. such as BET/FOLD CLEARLLY! ok were done berating. so to get my head stright, Im still the greatest cash game player to have everr walked the earth, yesterday I got it in (imaginary) with pp AA guys calls me with pocket JJ. allin , river J , dang...lost 760. no big deal. Im still the best. fucking called me with JJ?!?!WTF. lol
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    It's good that you're keeping records. However it sounds like you need to take some serious look into the mental game. There are some videos here on it but I also recommend taking a look at the mindset advantage podcast.
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    I agree. Also trying to edit above, J9 would have have been a limp call fit that had a draw on 5,8,10 rainbow. but he calls their not raises. so still bad. yes I agree about my mental game is non exisitant when tilted.
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    If you get tilted you should just stop playing. You're not going to make money when tilted. If that means you're not getting in enough hours then it simply means you have time to work on your mental game so you can gain more time to play.
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    your right. I called three hands dead right tonight, spot on, unreal. the guy to my left was in shock. how can be so locked in this session and still lose. i cant think when I tilt, when I can think I cant be beat. I dont even want to leave my house at the moment. what a shit session. river bet 250 into 250. I tank and call with decuces. and show quick and proud. guy almost falls on tables leaning in to make sure he sees hand right. how can I lose at this game. how can I be so right, and end up losing. im sick today. im writing a new book and not playing for a while. I tried working on my mental game. its just , once tilted its over for me. and dosnt take much to tilt me. I might not make it in this game. 14 years. people cant believe the things I do when im flowing, I cant even believe it sometimes its like im in the fabric of the game its self. I either crush it or get crushed. my brain so much worse then others and yet on another level it is so much higher. but the , i could be 1/2 the player I am with half the intution and come out better. I know I have what few people I have, but the bads out wieght it. I always hated tournaments and loved cash games but im starting to think mtts are the way to go. but I dont think u can make a living on mtts. maybe 5 tabling internet i have nt tried that on ignition yet. i have a chk coming from them we will see what happens with that. maybe ill just be a robot on 5 tables with a nit range and move to where ever stars. whatever , this is all ...i left the guy to my left in shock 3 times. calling hands i wasnt even in, calling hands I was in, dead right dead right, then called big river bet with dueces and right. the guy was like who are you? i just smiled. it would have been correct to say "just another losing player like you my friend
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    star681 wrote:
    I tried working on my mental game.
    What, like once? :) Gotta keep working on it, gotta take it more seriously. The mental and emotional challenges are inherently built into this game, if you neglect to acknowledge that fact you're not half as good at poker as you think.

    You need to start asking yourself some serious questions. Get to know and understand thyself. If you don't, you can be calling other peoples' cards all day long and still won't make it, cause your blind spots will get the better of you over and over again. And you probably know very well that mistakes born from tilt can be much more detrimental to your winrate than any technical error. So why wouldn't you make it a priority to work on fixing your tilt issues? It's not logical to ask why it's profitable to cbet on this board or light 3bet in that spot, but not ask why a failed bluff makes you go on tilt so hard that you end up losing the whole session.

    And stop berating yourself. Shame will only prevent you from getting to the bottom of things, and so will pride, for that matter, as those two go hand in hand. On that note, here's something you may find as eye-opening as I did:
    With a fixed mindset, everything is about proving yourself to other people. The problem is that when you start making errors or mistakes, it’s very hard to admit as much. People with fixed mindsets really struggle with ego and admitting they have issues, and grow slower as a result.

    Happy digging!
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