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1-2 Live

Villain UTG+1- $300- I have seen him try a few poor bluff lines and get called. Likes to play a lot of hands and mixes in limps with open raises pre-flop
Hero BU- $400 TAG

Table- Passive

UTG+1- opens for $10
UTG+2- calls
MP - calls
HJ - calls
Hero BU- calls :Qh:Jh
SB- calls
BB - calls
Pot- $70

I am squeezing more and trying to open my range at passive tables, but there were 4 players already in and that seemed to be a stretch. I have had little luck with :Q? :J? , view it as a problem hand and usually like to raise my problems hands.
Normal squeezing range- TT+, AKo,AKs,AQo, AQs, AJo,AJs,KQo,KQs
Should I squeeze? What are some ranges people are using at the low stakes passive tables

Flop- :Kh:Qd:Ts
UTG+1- $30
Hero in BU- raise to $100

My first thought was that this is kind of a merge. I have been trying to do more merging and wrap my head around this concept (thanks Christian for video)
However all the value hands that I would be raising here are actually in my squeeze range. Yet, at 1-2 they do not have any inkling what my ranges are so I feel I am still reppinng a strong hand with sets, two pair, straight and even :A? :K? possible, and I am trying to buy out his equity.

All thoughts appreciated


  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    You're welcome! Anytime.

    Your hand:

    Good things:
    I like your call Pre-Flop. Squeezing is an option, but your hand has tons of post-flop value and they are already a handful of people involved in this hand, squeezing would be expensive and I'm unsure if it'll work.

    Bad things:
    You are attacking the Original Raiser on a board where he holds Range Advantage. He hits this board pretty damn hard, more so than you do. In general, you want to attack on boards where you have range advantage, or at least where the board is neutral.
    Also, the range of hands that he bets in this multi-way flop are at the minimum going to have Pair + Piece. Meaning at the minimum it will be a pair plus a gut shot. He won't fold many of these hands to your raise IMO.

    Therefore, your raise puts you in a bad situation where most of the time you become a victim to your equity as you won't win unless you get there. :-/
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Christian

    Call to realize equity and evaluate?
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    Yeah. He gave you a really good price too. Never turn down a good deal! LOL

    Let's say the board was like :9h:8s:6h then I really like a raise and for you to just shell off on him.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,308 ✭✭✭✭✭
    We're going to rapidly muddy up that term if we apply it here; this is a classic semibluff (the two concepts may overlap but are not the same), as you hold significant equity, are usually behind, but can stand action, and one which you have decided to fire into the teeth of an EP raiser who himself bet into a big field of callers on a board where he can expect all kinds of pairs, better, and draws.

    It's a pretty brazen raise, in other words, so good for you for trying, but expect resistance, and you are going to have to essentially empty your stack to sell your perceived straight on the next street. If he has AK he has a blocker and is not folding; if he has worse, why did he bet? You need about 20% fold equity, just at first glance, to make this work profitably, but his position, range, and cbet tells you it might not be that high- maybe not even close to that high. You will have to essentially go all in on the turn, should he call, and you will have to call if he shoves flop.

    Flatting looks wiser.
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    Agreed, the two concepts (Merge/Semi-Bluff) overlap at times but they are not the same, but I can see why Sullyooo can think it may apply here, especially since we hold a decent middle pair.

    The thing is Sullyooo, you are more than likely behind here given the range should assign the OR because of his actions, board, and sheer number of players in this hand, so it's a clear semi-bluff this time. And we don't love it :-(
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for great replies. Very,very helpful


    You guys were so on the mark.

    Villain tanked and folded. he flipped over :Kd:Jc . I was stunned he folded such a good hand. I was like if he shoved I would probably have had to call and get stacked. I went up to 2-5 for 8 weeks and did well. I moved back down to 1-2 to work on game and they have a lot more players at my room. I have been very "brazen" with great success, but realized in this hand I had put myself in a horrible position and got lucky vs. a weak player and needed to really think this through.

    I really appreciate the helpful thoughts as I find the line where aggression ends and craziness begins. It starts with board texture (my weakness and a big one) and range vs. range

    Keep them coming. I'm getting better. Thanks again
  • ihbeiserihbeiser Red Chipper Posts: 26
    Let's say Hero had half the stack he had in this case pre-flop $150, instead of $300. Would that indicate a completely different strategy? Eg. Shove preflop to try to win the $60? If calling preflop on the button as hero did in this case, shove the flop as a semibluff? Call on the flop since getting a good price and less fold equity?
  • ihbeiserihbeiser Red Chipper Posts: 26
    correction: sorry. I made a typo. (only $40 in the pot preflop when it gets to us)
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I mean yeah it's a different strategy when you sitting shorter. But $150 is an odd number to sit with because it's 75BB's, and it's an in between stack. I'll say this, in general the shorter you are the more you want to make it a pre-flop game and look for re-steals and things of that nature.

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