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I just got invited to a home game with an odd structure. I wonder what you guys think about adjusting to this game...?

From what I was told it is a 1-2 NL game but...

The Button posts the $2 BB and a dead $1 SB. All action proceeds from the immediate left of the button.

I guess it is a "buy the button" scenario every hand. Any comments?


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,876 -
    I guess it is a "buy the button" scenario every hand. Any comments?

    I suspect this will be a good game because this is just a silly kind of change to the standard game and I would expect other kinds of silly play at the tables.

    The new UTG is slightly different because they know they will always be out of position where the standard UTG always had the chance to play in position versus the blinds. If anything, this means the new UTG should be even tighter.

    The other positions will know the button is a little more likely to play than normal since he already has a live big blind out there. This should tighten them up a wee bit. It will be a little harder to steal the blinds as defending in position for the button is more possible than it is for traditional blinds.

    Realistically, in most 1-2 games this change will be very marginal since people are usually positionally unaware and don't view the game as a struggle for the blind money.
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    It looks like it would play like a game in which the button does a Mississippi straddle every hand.
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    Doug has explained this one very well. These guys should rethink their structure, as this one, however it works for them for now, should make the game tighter and induce less action over the long term as they figure out that EP and MP have lost significant incentive to enter pots. It could also incentivize open raisers to make larger sizings to charge the button for his prepaid but advantageous closing defense, lowering SPR and creating a night of slightly shallow, heads up pots.

    If they are in love with the simplicity of one blind, for whatever reason, the way one player often pays all the antes in some games, they should make the SB pay the $3.

    You should go to this game and report on how it is played in reality. I can imagine some variations in play to account for the structure.

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