Poker Work Book For Math Geeks [and other workbooks] HACKED!!!

SeaBeavSeaBeav Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
*The hack is tracing paper and a very soft pencil.

So ever since I was little I've been obsessed with books. There's something really special about all of that knowledge, story telling, and character, lovingly put into paper. Powell's in Portland is about as close to heaven for me as you can get.

Naturally, that would mean I have a very odd respect for books and have a difficult time writing in them. Or highlighting them. Or marking them in anyway. Hated seeing textbooks vandalized like that in school. This lead to an internal struggle when I received my copy of Poker Work Book for Math Geeks by Doug Hull....and a serious conundrum:

1. The book is MEANT to be written in. But I can't bring myself to write in a book.

2. I don't like copying books on a copy machine, plus it's labor intensive and I like to work smarter, not harder.

3. On the other hand, if I broke down and wrote in the book, I wouldn't be able to go back and work the problems again at a later date because the answers would already be there. "But wait SeaBeav, that's what pencils are for!" - Yes, but after erasing a pencil the impression is still there, making a second go at the problems not quite as challenging or fair.

4. It's not super easy to flip back and forth between the answer section and the section your working on to proof your answers.

So, after much thought, it hit me.


You can lay the tracing paper over the problem, still clearly see the problem, write on it just like Doug intended (the very soft lead barely leaves a whisper of an indentation in the paper), and when you're done with the problems just take the sheet of tracing paper to the answers section and grade yourself!

I would imagine this could be applied to any other poker workbooks. Did I just reinvent the wheel? No.

Did I maybe help some people reuse a workbook several times while keeping it unmarred? Maybe. And that's cool with me!

Happy work-booking RCPers!

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