AA EP - 3 Bet from SB

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Here is a hand I played last night that I thought was mildly interesting...

1-2 Game

Reads on Villain = Old Man Coffee

Table Dynamic = I had been raising often, but anyone paying attention would have noticed vast majority of raised hands were in late position and punishing limpers.

Hero ($350 )has :Ah:Ad in EP and open raise to $10. Standard opening size in EP at this table.
Villain ($110) in SB three bets to $25.
Hero Calls. Pot = $47

Flop = :Qc:Tc:4s

Villain Bets $30. Hero All In. Villain tank calls.

The reason I found it mildly interesting is that I normally *Never* flat the three bet PF. However, I felt the stack sizes were a little awkward after his three bet, and I wasn't sure about the four bet sizing.



  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,867 -
    I just ship it pre-flop. Your hand is only going to get worse, and neither of you are ever folding anyways.

    You kind of turned your hand into a stop-n-go. The reason to do that is increase fold equity. You don't want fold equity.
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  • ChipXtractorChipXtractor Red Chipper Posts: 1,192 ✭✭✭✭
    Yeah I don't really know what threw me in this hand... It just "felt" like the best play to call and ship flop. I don't really know why I took that line. Which is why I decided to post it.

    So When I raise to $10 and he 3 bets to $25 he has $85 left.
    If I 4 bet All In he has to call $85 to win $135 I believe.
    So he needs 35% + equity against my range.
    His exact hand was :Kh:Qh

    I am not sure that neither of us is ever folding PF.

    If I was him given the above with that hand I think I fold to the 4 bet.

    **I was surprised that he 3 bet that hand in that spot to begin with.
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I like your "just" call against these guys. Create the 1SPR pot and never ever fold post.

    4betting is obv standard but I like your line also some days he may fold JJ to your 4ball, here we don't let him.

    People are 3betting KQhh LOL. I think he folds that
  • ivandurstivandurst Red Chipper Posts: 124 ✭✭
    Doug Hull wrote:
    I just ship it pre-flop. Your hand is only going to get worse, and neither of you are ever folding anyways.

    This is my mentality here too. Yes he may fold JJ sometimes, but ~40%-45% of the time (check my math for card removal) you'll get an A/K/Q hi flop, and he folds JJ usually (unless there's also a J on flop). Around 30% of the time, you'll get an A/K hi flop, which will often get a fold from QQ, a hand that surely will stack off pre. (But as Christian said, the SPR is so low, some villains might feel inclined to just get it in on those flops anyway.) I think either one is ok.

    With a little bit deeper stacks, I like a flat, as you can stack a smaller overpair that may have been more inclined to fold pre than in this situation.
    People are 3betting KQhh LOL. I think he folds that

    Yeah I never give weight to this hand in old man coffee's shortstack 3b range... I guess after learning that he 3bs light, I would be more inclined to just flat in the future vs him.

    NH OP, I like seeing the results of non-standard lines.

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