big winning session today!! just wanted to share

patrick lpatrick l Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
biggest win ive had so far in a single day playing poker, just recently been making regular trips to my local casino to play live cash. played the morning tourney, got 2nd out of 156 entrants and used that money ($800)to play cash games. bought in for 200 at 1-3 limits and cashed out 1298. so a total of $ 1864 profit for about 11 hours of play. feels great lol. nice to go in a casino and start out with 25 bucks and turn it into 1864 haha. just wanted to share. it wouldve probably been more but i got real gambly towards the end of my session was doing occasional 20$ straddles for shits and giggles lol and but it was fun. the whole table was having fun. i know i still have alot to learn and alot of my winning was luck today mixed with some bad and decent play but ive been having alot more fun at this game ever since i joined this site. this win just motivates me to learn more and more about the game and i just want to say thanks redchippoker.


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