Was this call correct?

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I'm unsure whether or not I made the correct play, my gut says no but I can't work out where the problem lies. The hand went as follows:
My stack is 9730 and they have 9602
Blinds 60 120 with a 12 ante
UTG+1 raises to 300 and it folds to me on the button with pocket aces
I 3 bet to 600 (I now think I should have raised more, maybe 700-750)
The blinds fold and the UTG+1 calls
Flop comes 8 2 2 rainbow
They checks and I bet 400 into a pot of 1488 (Again I think this is too small)
Turn comes 5 (the board is still rainbow)
They checks again and I bet 900 into a pot of 2288
They now raises to 2400 and I call
River comes J
They Shoves I call and they turn over pocket 8's

I'm not sure whether I am getting too attached to my pocket aces and I did consider folding on the check raise and river shove, however I feel like this would be folding too often.
Is this play correct or should I have folded?

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  • Will SWill S Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    I was at a new table only 10 hands in so didn't know anything about the Villain. Thanks for the response its reassuring.

    One though I have had is his shoving range in this position. With no obvious draws on the table, they must have some kind of made hand when calling and raising down streets. In my opinion these could either be top pair which is unlikely with the line they took as it came on the river, an over pair which only included Queens and Kings but would include Jacks and 10s on the flop, or full houses pocket pairs.

    I'm not sure how often my aces will be good in this situation.

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