RCP's Gold Vault

Adam WheelerAdam Wheeler Red Chipper Posts: 2,659 ✭✭✭✭
edited August 2017 in Coaching & Commercial
I was reading a highly recommended thread and i found that those kind of threads happens once in a while. When everything is perfectly aligned and great minds surprisingly have nothing else to do then peek at RCP's forum. Then magic happen.

Here i'm paging the infamous @kagey the man known to spit highly lava hot toxic words when things are converted in BB.

Since you're some kind of king of tags it would be very nice to have a section where we could find those pure golden threads.

Put on your glass, poor yourself a cup of Herbal tea with camomile and swallow your anti-acid and just give us that thing you lazy my way or the highway american one and a quarter into the Canadian dollar bastards !!!

C'mon do it the All Americans Way !


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