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jbruelsjbruels Red Chipper Posts: 134 ✭✭
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3-500 Spread Limit (plays like 3-4NL)

Hero in the BB with Ad-8d and $140 behind
UTG limps, three more limpers, button limps, hero checks
Six players, $30
Flop Jh-8s-As
Hero bets $25
UTG raises to $50
Folds to button who calls
Pot is $155, $25 back to Hero
Hero raises all in
UTG re-raises all in (about 1/3 more), button folds
Hero shows two pair, Villain shows bigger two pair, A-J

Is this hand even worth analyzing or do I need to just let it go? When UTG raises, is there a way I can get away from my hand, especially with the caller on the button? Hands I'm targeting, I guess, would be A-Q, A-10 (maybe), J-8, possibly draws. Would a flat call be better, check the turn and see what UTG wants to do?


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