Pocket 7s at MP how to play?

XkavanXkavan Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭
Stack is 90000, 34th place with 27 players being in the money.

Blinds are 5000/10000

I raise my normal 2.5x and got reshoved by BB and need 17k more to call. I called.

I've been told I pot committed in this spot and should limp.

Others have told me to min-raise so I could fold.

Others have told me to shove so I maximize fold equity.

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  • keith ckeith c Red Chipper Posts: 142 ✭✭
    Jónas S wrote: »
    I'm not saying you should never be raising 2-3bbs with a small stack but in MP there are too many players remaining that you have to go through, the chances of your raise achieving anything positive are very slim.

    With big stacks behind me I'm folding this, they'll call or raise to iso you and attempt to take you out for cheap, with medium/small stacks that would actually get badly hurt by losing 9bbs I'm shoving for sure since there is actual fold equity and decent equity when called.

    I agree with the above statements...

    In this position, if you raise, you should be prepared to play for stacks. If you think your holdings are not worthy of your stack, you should not be raising, At this point many people won't be afraid to call _vs_ 9bb raising. It also sounds like you were in an out of position spot which cries out to be put to task by bigger stacks.

    I would have limped pre, this way it gives me a chance to see a flop and I can then make a better informed choice.
  • rocky ricocorocky ricoco Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    I would happily push hands in this range 16.0%, 55+ A3s+ A9o+ KTs+ KJo+ QTs+ JTs
    If there was a lag with a big stack yet to ac,t I would remove the un-suited broadways and KTs, QTs, JTs
    keith c wrote: »
    I would have limped pre, this way it gives me a chance to see a flop and I can then make a better informed choice.
    What are you doing here if any player raises of shoves? I really hate the idea of limp folding with the cheapest flop we are likely to see is from the BB raising all in.

  • CASEY MCASEY M Red Chipper Posts: 168 ✭✭
    I don't see any value in limping here ever. Aren't we deep into push fold territory with less than 10bb?
    A standard raise commits 30% of our stack, which is a huge commitment regardless of stack size. I can't see us ever raising and folding to a 3bet here. If we choose that line we are going to eaten alive.
    I'm happily jamming here every time.

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