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This is a 2/5 300 cap game and I have $280 in front of me. There's an early position open limp then a middle-aged white guy raises to 30. This was the only time he raised to this amount and it likely represents a strong narrow range of TT+ and AK. He figures to be playing his cards and not merely isolating. I am two hours into the session. I have :Ad:Kd on the button and elect to flat rather than 3b since I don't have much if any fold equity and am not eager to flip or worse. A weak face up player in the blinds calls as does the limper so it's 4 way.


Flop: :Ks:Qs:3c

It checks to the preflop raiser who continues for $80 into $120. He hasn't gotten out of line from what I've seen. I shove for $250 total. Any concerns with this hand? Thank you.


  • ChipXtractorChipXtractor Red Chipper Posts: 1,192 ✭✭✭✭
    Here is the issue as I see it.

    You ranged him on TT+ and AK preflop. That may or may not be correct, but let's go with that.

    Given that range when the flop comes :Ks:Qs:3c
    Your :Ad:Kd is actually a 44/55 dog.

    But, when you raise All In on that flop what part of his range does he call you with?
    Does he call you with :T? :T? or :J? :J? ?? I doubt it very much.

    So that leaves QQ+ and AK that call you.
    You are a 25/75 dog against that range.

    Not a great spot at all.
  • Big OwlBig Owl Red Chipper Posts: 170
    While not a fist pump spot, with an SPR of 2, I think it is fine.
  • ChipXtractorChipXtractor Red Chipper Posts: 1,192 ✭✭✭✭
    Assuming the Villains range is :T? :T? + and :A? :K? on the flop...
    And he will fold :T? :T? and :J? :J? to the shove...

    I calculate your shove as a +$25 ish play.
    I guess it is a better play than I first thought it was.
    Can someone confirm that my calcs are correct?

    I will go thru it if I have to just don't have the time to write it up now.
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    See you at the river! LOL.

    Let's not get too scientific here boys! It's a 2/5 game with a $300 cap and the original raiser raised to 6x pre-flop and now we have TopPair-TopKicker with AK. Let's get it in!

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