The Poker Player

star681star681 Red Chipper Posts: 399 ✭✭
:spade:diamond:club:heart The Poker Player
If anyone can be lableled an athlete, it is the poker Player.
Full ring it is all in the program. Go off the robotic program and lose. Leave your humanity at the door, enter the robotic world and win. yea! for you, you are now a robot. Go buy that newspaper you always wanted.
6Max welcome back to humanity...a little.
Heads-Up Player- Congradulations! You are human. top of the food chain. end games to end games. you sit heads-up you sit amoung the gods, and this is an up already. the knowledge is forced into you like when ali said once you get notice you are fighting the champ, you, in that moment instantly become better.
now good luck readjusting your superior humanity back to the robotic world of full ring. value bet / fold. beep beep. jesus wept.

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