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I haven't watched this video yet so I don't know if it's entirely focused on live play or if it delves into online play, as well. All I know is that I think I'll have a higher winrate in live poker ultimately because a lot of what we're talking about here in live poker with psychology and acting now strums on my strong suits and life experience. As I'm getting tilt to be rare and expectations to be realistic, I'm really looking forward to playing live and both making great plays and making mistakes that will improve me as a player and even person.

To the point of the post: There is a *lot* you can with timing tells and other things online to play psychological games with your opponents. It's probably worth an entire video itself. Developing a pattern against recs of quick checking strength, quick shoving bluffs, and then altering it and allowing it to become dynamic timing, can really just level the life out of some of these guys. This combined with bet sizing is where some absolutely huge pots come from. It can be the difference of leaving a ton of value on the table, or stacking it up in front of your avatar.

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