Hand 4 - JJ bet for very thin value - Post Oak Poker Room 1/3 NL - POPR

SammwiggSammwigg Red Chipper Posts: 119 ✭✭
Hand 4 - Post Oak Poker Room 1/3 NL - POPR, Houston, TX - 9/26/17

Table Dynamics: Full 10 Players, POPR Regs. most are thinking players that more than willing to fold or get it all in depending on their reads. Stacks range from $300 to 1,200.

MP ($700) V1 R$20, MP2 ($730) Hero Ca :JS: :JD: , CO ($300) V2 Ca

($64) Flop: :9S: :8C: :6C:

V1 B$20, H Ca, V2 R$60, V1 F, H Ca

($204) Turn: :6H:

H Ck, V1 Ck

($204) River: :5D:

H Ck, V1 B$50, H Ca

V1 shows :9C: :8S:

Hero Wins $304 pot with 2 pair

Stack $900, BI $700, up $200 for the session

For the most part, I have been playing very tight, showing up with good cards and folding when I miss.


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