Looking for an online place to create MTTs with flat payouts (Satellites)

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I'm looking for an online site where I can create custom Satellites for my country's poker championship event.

I've looked into the PokerStars Home Games feature and while they are appealing they only appear to support a payout structure of top 10%, 15% or winner takes it all format, making it impossible to determine exactly how the money is split but I'd like to make the seats that pay receiving an equal amount, obviously, since it's suppose to be a satellite. The only way I can see to bypass this would be to play with play-money and then paying the winners afterwards, but this sounds like too much hassle and a slippery slope to all sort of issues. Either that or sticking to multiple small SNGs whereas there's only 1 seat per game.

Does anyone know about an online site that supports this custom satellite MTT creation and can point me towards it or point out to me if I'm missing on how this is possible via PS? I can't seem to find either by using various search engine queries.

Sadly it's apparently not an option to ask PokerStars to officially host these satellites due to miscommunication between the previous local-poker committee and PokerStars the last time they hosted satellites for the event, 2 years ago. I'm not a member of the current committee but I think it's very important to have online satellites for an event like this which is outside of the general public's bankroll. I brought it up to the current committee that this could possibly be done without having to make it PS official and they asked me to look into it.

Thanks in advance.

*Edit: I just received the following response from PokerStars:
"Unfortunately, the option to create satellite tournaments to other events is not available in Home Games." - So yeah, I'd appreciate if anyone can point me towards a site that does support this feature.

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